Who is The Best Android Wear Smart Watch, Huawei Watch or Moto 360 2nd?

(Last Updated On: 2016年6月12日)

[Abstract] HUAWEI released the company’s first smart watch – Huawei Watch. To tell the truth, this watch is amazing to a lot of people indeed, it will be very likely to become a strong competitor of Watch Apple in the future. So here we might compare with another more successful Android Wear watch – Moto 360 2nd, to see who the best is. Best Reviews hope to help you to create healthy life.

huawei watch and moto 360 3


Both of them are running Android Wear, because Google does not allow OEM to customize this OS, so the software of them is not much difference.—–Same

huawei watch fitness


Huawei Watch only has the choice of 42mm, but Moto 360 has 42 and 46mm two options, Moto 360 may be more popular with large dial users. However, the thickness of these two watches is not thin, which Huawei Watch 11.3mm, Moto 360 is also thicker more 0.2mm.——–Moto better

Dial material

Two watch dial materials with stainless steel, the overall design is more close to the traditional watch. Huawei Watch offers up to 6 options, one of the most expensive with a gold plated dial.—–Huawei Better

huawei watch style

Watch strap

Two watches with Leather and steel choices. Same as the dial, Huawei Watch can also provide 6 options, and can be replaced. The strap size of Moto 360 is 22mm, Huawei Watch strap width of 18mm and 21mm.——-Huawei Better

Physical buttons

Both moto 360 or Huawei watch are only a physical button, the moto 360 button same as the traditional watch, at 3 o’clock position, but Huawei has changed the conventional, the button on the 2 o’clock position.———–Hard to compare

Display screen material

Huawei Watch and Moto 360 2nd dial glass is indeed different, Huawei Watch is sapphire glass surface, Moto is the third generation Corelle gorilla glass. Corning published an advertisement at earlier period, which shows the Corning gorilla glass more compressive than sapphire glass. However, we face glass surface small scraping more than brute force impact from the outside world in life. From scratch resistant angle, the performance of sapphire is more excellent.———-Huawei Better

huawei watch detail


In our daily use: 80% of the brightness settings, the normal reception of the phone, to remind the occasional use of voice control; Huawei Watch battery life longer. By contrast, the Huawei Watch power loss 3%-4% per hour, while the Moto is 4%-5% per hour.

The data above is measured in the case of the watch dial continued to highlight, so you can see that these two watches can support activity using. When in use, no worry about dark screen (this is different from Apple watch, apple watch will enter standby state black while standby time).———Huawei Better

Wireless charging

This is one of the highlights of Moto Watch: wireless charging makes it look more like a smart watch. But HUAWEI smart watches are now unable to support wireless charging.——–Moto better

Moto 360 2nd 2


Arguably, as one of the watches, waterproof is essential. Moto 360 with the IP67 level of waterproof, and Watch Huawei can only be ordinary water resistance, not have the waterproof level.——-Moto better


Both have heart rate sensors, similar processor performance, the same memory and RAM size, so the performance is very similar.———-Same


Basically similar, occasionally have promotional price, but not much difference between them.——Same

Huawei Watch Moto 360 2nd
Software 0 0
Size 0 1
Thickness 1 0
Dial Material 1 0
Strap 1 0
Screen Material 1 0
Battery Life 1 0
Charge Wireless 0 1
waterproof 0 1
Hardware 0 0
Price 0 0
total score 5 3 Buy it Buy it

Summary: Depend on the above analysis, Huawei Watch has the advantage in the shape, material, thickness, batteries and the display screen. Moto 360 2nd is dominant in size, waterproof and wireless charging. Daily use, Huawei Watch is more practical; but if it is extreme sports enthusiasts, Moto 360 2nd is a better choice. Both can be purchased in, comments score on the Huawei Watch is a little higher.

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