Watch the Truth for the Murder of “Insomnia Sleep”

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[Abstract] We go to bed every day, but some people sleep seven hours at night, the spirit of the day is quite nice. Some people sleep ten hours a day, still feel tired, this is why? The day consumed much the physical brain, or to go to bed at night can’t sleep, who caused you sleepless nights? Here is the best reviews which you will find the truth for the murder of insomnia sleep, hope to create healthy life.

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Part1 sleep quality test: do you sleep well?

You sleep every day, but do you really sleep well? Do you have any of the following symptoms when you sleep?

lost sleep

1 hard to sleep

Every night dragged his exhausted body lying in bed, what regardless of sleep until dawn. But found that tossed about in his sleep all the time, sleep time to 30 minutes or longer; sometimes closed eyes in an hour later and found awake again. Get up to watch TV, play mobile phone or do other things.

2 shallow sleep easy to wake up

Finally fell asleep, but a little sound, a ray of light, a smell, can let you instantly awake, and wake up although very tired. But it is difficult to fall asleep again. Sometimes not any external factors, fall asleep on their own or falling asleep wake up suddenly, after brain transient chaotic state, or even suspect that he really asleep.

3 Undue delay may bring trouble.

Some people say that dreams are a manifestation of the subconscious, but you are not to find their own subconscious is very rich, seven or eight hours a day at night time, it seems not enough to reflect the full consciousness of your day. Lie in bed is not easy to fall asleep, but has been in a dream, and sometimes will be awakened by a dream, this phenomenon, in fact, there may be that you do not have access to deep sleep.

4 sleep more tired

Sometimes there is a strange phenomenon, obviously the first night has been sleeping for eight hours, the second day still sleepy seems to did not sleep last night as, sometimes wake up feeling more tired than before going to sleep, not to mention the spirit.

Data: People can’t sleep more than you. Modern society, insomnia has become a problem plagued many people, and the number of insomnia is showing an upward trend. According to the survey, more than 65% of Americans sometimes over 24 do not sleep; in 2014, 22% of Americans had a serious sleep problems, and in 2015 the proportion rose to 31.2%.

Part2 sleep killer: who took your sleep?

Although the work of modern people, more and more long hours of work each day, but the quality of sleep is getting worse and worse, or even appear “sleep more and more tired,” the situation, actually the murderer of the sleep who is it?


Suspect 1: bed

Evidence one: sleep when the body does not relax

A lot of people lying in bed for seven or eight hours, if the bed is not designed to meet the body’s bones and body size, it will lead to sleep can not be the most comfortable body posture. The body does not relax, natural sleep is not fragrant, and for a long time, can lead to back pain and other physical problems.

Evidence two: destruction of the spine natural curvature

Feel the natural curvature of the human spine, if sleep did not choose the right mattress will lead to the spine is in tension or bending over the state, inappropriate position further affect the blood circulation, so that “uncomfortable” relayed to the brain, leading to sleep is not practical.

Evidence three: most people because of bed and insomnia

A number of sleep survey data show that the bed is almost the most important factor for people to sleep, and more than 90% of respondents said that a comfortable mattress is essential to maintain a good sleep. Thus, the bed is taken the brunt of the suspect “sleep”.

nice bed room2

Disposal: in the face of the sleeping of the first big killer, how should we deal with it?

Pay attention to the selection of bed: 1/3 of people’s life is spent in bed, to choose a comfortable bed, its importance is no less than the choice of house. But a lot of people buy a bed did not carefully considered, only cursory stroll and shopping malls, finally picked a eusensing is moved back home. Pay attention to the purchase of bed, is to build a good sleep environment for their first step.

Their reasonable collocation: some people feel that they will not pick up the bed, in the purchase will follow the guide or other experienced people, to recommend the other side of the bed to move home, this is not good. Each person’s physical condition is different, the suitable mattresses are not the same, the mattress material has a spring mattress, latex mattresses, coconut palm mattress several, respectively, for different groups of people, to buy or pay according to their own situation to reasonable selection of collocation.

Buying experience: the degree of soft mattress best when the choose and buy through your body to feel, in the supine position if the waist back is not close to the mattress, the middle space, indicating that the mattress is too hard, if systemic tenesmus feeling, a bit difficult to control, soft mattress; buy best on the upper side of the mattress lie, lie at least three minutes, see all parts of your body has reached a state of relaxation, to judge the mattress is suitable for their own.

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Suspect 2: the bedroom environment

1 bedroom layout

Evidence: color matching, space layout is important factors affect the mood of the bedroom is a place to rest, if the layout is not reasonable, each time you enter the room will produce irritability or displeasure, and other negative emotions; color is too bright or rich will make person excited spirit, it is difficult to enter the state of relaxation.

nice bed room

Disposal: how bedroom layout can achieve the effect of sleep?

Rational collocation of color of the bedroom: bedroom should not be arranged too fancy, colors are advised not to use too much, according to the survey, blue can be relax body and mind, suitable for the rest of the bedroom; if there are other preferences can also choose a different color, but had better not too “colorful”.

Using plants to beautify the environment, like the beauty of things, this is human nature, in the bedroom put some beautiful flowers and plants, the bedroom beautiful and comfortable, can let the mood becomes clear, and the color of plants from nature, than artificial color is more suitable for human eyes; but it should be noted that, do not put too much color or at night will release harmful gas plant.

2 air condition

Evidence: spring, summer, too wet hot, autumn and winter is too dry, cold, air temperature and humidity on is the direct and obvious, when the temperature and humidity can reach a relatively suitable condition, the body produces discomfort, thereby affecting mood, become fretful, this naturally difficult to fall asleep.


Disposal: starting from their own, to change the air around us.

Keep the bedroom clean and tidy: people in sleep resistance force poor, vulnerable to the invasion of harmful substances in the air, so we should pay attention to clean the bedroom, not in the room stacked too many things, especially food or something easy to breed bacteria, usually can use air purifiers, keep the bedroom clean.

Cleaning the bedroom air: to smell sensitive people can put incense, or anything else that a faint smell of something, but don’t put the smell is too strong in the bedroom, so as to avoid the formation of the opposite effect; before going to bed can first open air conditioning or humidifier, regulating the temperature and humidity of the bedroom, also can be achieved by placing the appropriate plant, to achieve the effect of air purification.

3 external disturbance

Evidence: modern society, noise, smoke, light pollution and other issues, has become the reason of a lot of people with insomnia, shopping sites have been done to investigate, within five months, the earplug sales site more than 20 million pieces, goggles over 9 million, the majority of buyers for the young people of the post-80s and post-90s, visible most people are worried about it.

Disposal: we cannot change the external environment, it can only reduce the impact on their own.

Harmonic light: daytime intake enough sunlight helps to sleep at night, but from before going to sleep in one to two hours before the start, the luminosity is best to keep a little a bit dark, to sleep the effect will be better; when sleeping in the evening if possible and try not to open a Nightlight, because the light will not only affect the sleep, right eye is not good; if bedroom window opposite the sun in the morning, before going to sleep at night remember the curtains, so the very next day early in the morning is light, waking up too early.

Closed the window to sleep: some people have the habit of sleep at night with the window open, feel it is ventilation, but now most of the places in the city pollution is serious, vehicle raised dust, the sound of car horns and so on, through the window into the bedroom, the sleep state of the human body is relatively fragile, easily by the invasion of pollutants in the air, so when sleeping in the evening better off the window, if not to open the window, also proposed to open a small gap can be.

Suspect 3: bedding article

1 accomplice pillow

Evidence one: pillow to determine the status of cervical spine

Pillow of cervical spine impact is obvious, pillow is too high or too low will make cervical spine in a natural state of bending, make the neck can not be completely relaxed, the tension and fatigue of the neck will lead to people unable to enter the deep sleep, and prone to stiff neck, go down for a long time can cause cervical vertebra disease.

Evidence two: blood circulation affects sleep

In addition to the effects of cervical vertebra, the height of the pillow will also affect the blood circulation, if the pillow is too low, the blood will gradually concentrated to the brain, resulting in dizzy and blood flow slowly, will feel a muscle weakness that lead to deep sleep.


Proof three: dandruff perspiration pollution pillow

When people sleep at night will excrete perspiration and dirt, especially in the hot summer, sometimes wake up, hair is wet, this time a clean and comfortable pillow is very important. In addition to the smell of sweat dandruff, also has a lot of bacteria and viruses, in this case, how can have a good sleep?

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2 accomplices quilt

Evidence: material decides the comfort degree

Quilt has very many kinds, cotton, silk quilt, wool, down is and so on, these quilts have different features, meet different people and season, if you choose the appropriate quilt, summer more bacteria, skin to feel unwell, winter quilts and not warm, how to sleep in peace.

Two evidence: quilt lead to physical discomfort

As your body “intimate contact” a whole night quilt, the important degree can be imagined, quilt cover is not suitable in addition to make you feel uncomfortable outside, some quilt to shelter evil people and practices, the breeding of bacteria, but also lead to health problems such as skin itching, all night sneezing, make it as hard for you to sleep.


Proof three: colour patterns affect the mood

Now quilt styles more and more tricks, some quilt designed to be colorful, colorful, or above have some intricate embroidery, patterns and so on, although at first glance is very attractive to the eye, but not conducive to sleep, complex patterns will let people more excitement, aggravate the restless or irritable mood, affected the rest of the state.

 Disposal: since the bedding article is so important to sleep, we consider the factors in the selection of bedding?

Appropriate pillow height: pillow height is decided to sleep when cervical state key factors, appropriate pillow height did not an absolute value, but not the higher the better. Generally speaking, when side sleeping pillow and a shoulder as high as appropriate, but the habit of sleeping on the back of the people, the pillow can not be so high, the key is to get comfortable neck.

Pay attention to the bedding material: Pillow material, and which is decided by the degree of hardness is also affect sleep an important factor, the choice of pillow, you can test the pillow material rebound time, 3-5 seconds is more appropriate; quilt cover and pillowcase should choose soft and comfortable, suitable for the material of human skin, if the skin is sensitive, the choice to carefully consider the quilt material will not let the skin feel uncomfortable.

Color adapt to the season: in the bedding color to adapt with the room, should not be too abrupt, so as not to cause to; bedding color choices can with seasonal changes, such as in the hot summer can choose light green, blue, light gray, white and cold tone, tone and irritable mood, winter can be purple, orange red, beige, pink series warm tone quilt selection, can be in visual effects seem even more warm and comfortable.

Keep clean bedding, pillows, quilts should choose not too easy to shelter evil people and practices of styles, a clean pillowcases, quilt cover, sleep will be more comfortable; if the condition allows, quilt cover and pillowcase best every half a month can wash, if in the hot summer, the body sweat more, cleaning frequency should appropriately increase.

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Part3 sleep tips: what should pay attention to good sleep?

6-8 hours is the standard sleep time: while sleep on the human body to recuperate is important, but it is not better to sleep more, the general adult daily sleep 6-8 hours is appropriate. Sleep too much will lead to head sink and faint, children and adolescents should be appropriate to extend the sleep time.

Stay up late to try to find time to sleep: there are a lot of work from time to time, sometimes some social intercourse can not be pushed out, so it is inevitable to stay up all night. Stay up late on the body great harm, if have to stay up all night, then should try to find time to make up for sleep. Must supplement the spirit and physical strength, so that can reduce stay up late on the body damage.

Really not force yourself: cannot sleep at night how to do? don’t force yourself with your eyes closed. Forcing myself to sleep, this kind of psychological hint will let your nerves, making it more difficult to fall asleep. You can choose to look at the book, listen to music, relax, and then slowly sleep.

Some sleep method does not apply to all people: some people will be in the evening light incense, light music and help themselves to sleep. But should pay attention, the sleep method does not necessarily apply to all people. For example some people sensitive to sound, light music but will makes it difficult to sleep. So find a suitable hypnotizing method according to their own situation.

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