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[Abstract] No need to be Robert Parker, we can control the Wine style as you want. Be home crew, we only need to put the raw material (Pinot Noir, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, or mixed) into the miracle machine, and then choose their Wine style through the APP program. Just wait for three days, your favor is coming… Best reviews of Health Tech show you the latest news about it.

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In the “Bible”, many people read the story that Jesus turned the water into wine. And now, turning water into wine has not only existed in the story. Recently a machine is developed by a California wine lover, to turn the raw material to wine controlled by mobile phone app, and named MiracleMachine. The MiracleMachine will also become a tool that Wine enthusiasts essential in the future. Because you can control and change the tasting of wine!

The App inventor named Philip James. His inspiration came from a whim and sommelier friend Kevin Boyer when drinking. After a year of testing, James and Boyer finally succeeded in the results. They use water, yeast and concentrated grape juice to ferment wine brewing, and are controlled by the app. And obvious effect in the laboratory, brewed out of a typical aroma and flavor wine. The program can be installed on Apple’s iOS system, but also suitable for Android system equipment. We just need to add the raw material to the machine, and then choose their own needs of the wine style through the APP. The program will control the fermentation, and issue a directive after the completion of the fermentation.

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As a sommelier Boyer said the app is very confident, because he believes that such a machine for brewing wine flavor is basically the same with the traditional fermentation brewing wine, and the price was $2 per bottle, very competitive.

In an interview, Boyer said: “we plan to make 2000 pcs such MiracleMachine at the first batch, and is expected to be listed in May this year. At present, we have built several ideal prototypes.”

The magic MiracleMachine price is tentatively scheduled for $499. Every three days will be able to brew a bottle of 750 mL with this machine. The company also can provide larger capacity version according to customer demand in the future.

Boyer said the company is seeking foreign investment currently, because the foundation construction will need up to $1 million. He said: “we do not have many friends to help us currently in the industry, but we are sure that it is a big impact on the wine industry. Wine will so cheap as Grape Juice. ”

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