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Self-Management, Fitbit Smart Protects Your Health

[Abstract]For the family, once the family main income member is sick, the family income will be a substantial decline, each family member is affected in the life. For the country, if a country's healthy people shrinking, it is bound to affect the economic development of the country. So see a country's comprehensive strength, the health…


New Balance Fresh Foam Zante, Jogging Run in the City

[Abstract] Whether it is in a hurry to join the camp city running, or has advanced the next stage of sports fans, for jogging in the process of comfort feeling has the same pursuit. More and more runners from the gym to ordinary road up jogging, that the hard road environment for the runners requires…


Best Action Camera: GoPro HERO4 Silver

[Abstract] Given its position as GoPro's mid-level action cam, you might think the GoPro Hero4 Silver is an underperformer like its predecessor, the Hero3+ Silver Edition. In fact, you could call the Hero4 Silver the Hero3+ Black Edition v2.0, as it is identical in almost every way, save for the welcome new touch screen round the…


Best G-Shock: Casio Gw9400 1CR Rangeman Black Solar Watch

[Abstract] I love to review new Casio G-Shock watches and today I'd like to share with you the excellent Casio G Shock Black Solar Watch GW9400 Rangeman. Clearly I don't cover each new G-Shock model, but I make it a point to notice the best pieces from Casio that continue to offer more of what we love…