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Self-Management, Fitbit Smart Protects Your Health

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[Abstract]For the family, once the family main income member is sick, the family income will be a substantial decline, each family member is affected in the life. For the country, if a country’s healthy people shrinking, it is bound to affect the economic development of the country. So see a country’s comprehensive strength, the health of the people is an important indicator. How to protect personal health, whether it can be achieved through self-management? Smart products, such as Fitbit wearable devices (wristband / bracelet, fitness watch) will help you.
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2015 Apple launched Apple Watch, its special point is that it is not just a watch, but the main health concept. In addition to Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei, Fitbit, have launched similar wearable devices. The common feature of these devices is with strong health management functions, such as recording step number, speed, distance, calories burned, sleep quality, measurement of heart rate and blood pressure. I believe that blood glucose, blood lipids, cholesterol, etc., can also be measured in the future. These are not difficult to break through.

Behind the popularity of these wearable devices, a huge industry chain is gradually emerging, called as Healthy Industry Chain. High-Tech companies have to try healthy industry, because it is behind a huge market.
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Five parts to form a Healthy Industrial Chain

Here we come to talk about, what is called the healthy industrial chain? This chain can be divided into five parts.

The first part, mobile Internet devices, which we now see these watches, wristband wearable devices. The equipment supplier are apple, HUAWEI, Samsung, Fitbit, Microsoft etc.. At present, these companies earn money mainly by selling hardware, does not provide further data analysis services. Mobile Internet devices like this are the first step of the industrial chain.

The second part, data analysis. At present there are thousands of healthy mobile software applications, like weight loss, fitness and medical adviser etc. The software has a large number of users’ data, also shows the trend of rapid growth. But the problem is that, did not find stable profit model, been in the wind for investment burn.

Third part, professional medical advice. Specific approach is the doctors from the hospital moved to the Internet, to provide professional services inquiries on the site for each person body condition and disease status, such as exercise, diet, medication, examination, operation, with some kind of medical instruments. However, the diagnosis of a doctor is not enough, if a doctor recommends is prescription, or even surgery, medical services cannot be achieved on the Internet. The industry chain is not fully open up.

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The fourth part, provide the service of hospital. For the current situation, it is difficult to get through a path. For example, in the third part, professional doctors on the site give the patient a suggestion to hospital for an MRI, when the patients really go to the hospital, the hospital doctor will arrange MRI immediately according to the online expert advice? The answer is impossible. The local hospital doctor will give patients to do comprehensive examination, and then decide to do MRI or not. Therefore, the third aspects of the professional information are all in vain. A possible solution is to establish personal electronic medical records standard, network health, mobile medical and other related hospital standard system, through the whole process. If most hospitals can use electronic medical record data in a unified network platform, avoid duplication of diagnosis, then third part function is highlighted.

The last part, consumers purchase the corresponding service. As long as the front part to get through, the last step is logical. After consumers buy these services, the chain will share the profit. This mode of operation once gained popularity and links five major industrial chain together, a substantial decline in the cost of people to see a doctor, and greatly reduce the doctor’s time, even to achieve online video visits, this is a bright future.

The future of mobile health is  a greater role in disease prevention

After the whole healthy industry chain open up, what is the biggest effect? Not simply see the doctor is more convenient, but the disease nip in the bud. Traditional medical diagnosis using non black and white model, that means, set some data indicators, more than this index is sick, or is not sick. In real life, people from health to sick are not a sudden change, but a gradual process, which requires the body to do the continuous monitoring of the indicators. If five steps of healthy industry chain to open, wearable devices can collect signs information continually and send to the cloud platform, so the doctor can discover the hidden disease via analyze large data. So that we can realize medical forward, take corresponding measures in a timely manner in the accumulation stage of the disease, change from cure to prevention. In this way, we can save 90% of medical resources.

Research Report of the World Health Organization believes that one-third of the disease is avoided through prevention, one-third of the disease can be effectively controlled through early detection, one-third of the disease can improve the therapeutic effect through the effective information communication. According to data from the relevant articles, 70% of the cost of medical services in the United States is related to the disease which can be prevention, and these costs are only spent to 10% of the population. This data is consistent with the WHO’s research report.

The University of Michigan Health Management Research Center has proposed such a conclusion after more than 20 years of research: health management for any enterprises and individuals have a 90% and 10% relationship, means 90% of the enterprises and individuals’ medical expenses will reduce to 10% of the original through the health management; 10% of the enterprises and individuals without health management, health care costs will be 90% higher than the original. For example,  the insurance companies will reduce your premiums because of health data in the future.
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The Fitbit is a company which earlier realization of the health data acquisition, management, cloud platform sharing operating. With the wristband and smart watches, abundant app and health guidance, implement the first part of the above data acquisition and the second part of the analysis. Through personal health management, early detection of sick, to do exercise according to the relevant guidance, to achieve the first and second parts of the closed loop, no need to the hospital.

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According to the individual situation, choose different Fitbit Wristband products, as follows:

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Steps, Calories, Distance
Sleep Quality & Silent Alarm
Floors Climbed
Active Minutes
Caller ID
Continuous Heart Rate
Music Control & Notifications
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Personal recommendation Fitbit Surge or HR charge, because it can monitor the heart rate. With more health data, easier to prevent disease. The latest Fitbit Alta is also a everyday product, with Reminders to move and SmartTrack functions, which help you stay active throughout the day by giving you friendly reminders to move and more when you do, and automatically recognizes and records exercises for you, so you can keep track of your workouts without ever pushing a button.

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The smart fitness watch named Fitbit Blaze, integrated the data collection and watch function, maybe suitable for you, details see the related article( ). Related products can be purchased on the

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