Quality Health Life, Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purification Fan Cooling the Room

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Summer is coming, outdoor temperature is too high, so that people like staying in indoor than outdoor. Therefore, it is so particularly important to create a comfortable, cool living environment in order to study, work and life. For summer, people have different summer weapon, air conditioner although it is essential to their summer home appliances, but the fan does not lack of fans, and with the development of science and technology in recent years, we found the bladeless fan can also be blown clean nature wind, let the body feel more comfortable. Dyson Pure Cool Link will help you to create cool health life at home.

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Chapter one Dyson air purification bladeless fan vs traditional fan

For New technology of Fan, have to mention Dyson as the bladeless fan inventor, Dyson kept people feel the full sense of science and technology, so as to provide a more comfortable, more healthy home environment for people, although the price has been high, but still win the recognition of the vast number of consumers. Dyson has been at the forefront of innovation, constantly improve bladeless fan products, and add new elements, air purifying fan is Dyson combined air purifier and fan blades, compared with the traditional fan, more health and comfort.

Traditional fan is cutting through the air, then the air by means of a mechanical pushed in front of the user, thus cut, mechanical propulsion generated by air, like thousands of hands slapping your body, not like the natural wind provide gentle airflow. This kind of fan blows out the wind, the speed has been changing, the unsteady wind speed causes the long time to blow on the human body, can feel uncomfortable.

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Dyson air purifying fan adopts the unique air multiplier, the bottom non brush motor rotates and drives the impeller to the surrounding air inhaled, through aerodynamic diffuser dispersed to airflow channel, improve the flow efficiency, when the annular device filled with air, the air will from circular seam gap in high speed out, the formation of high speed flow. Exist in the high wind speed can be enlarged again flow intensity, resorted to wind speed is more than 10 times the inhaled airflow velocity, difference in cutting with the traditional fan, mechanical propulsion generated by the airflow, wind more uniform and steady, closer to the natural wind, let living environment not only cool is also more comfortable.

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Of course, the design of no leaves to make the fan more safety, the family has a child’s friends can assured to use, do not have to worry about the child to touch the fan leaf. Usually home life needs to buy an electric fan, an air purifier at the same time, big space family even need to buy a number of fan and air purifiers. Dyson air purifying fan as a cool breeze, combo purification products, save the cost of buying two machines, more important is for indoor area saves a lot of space. Also let the consumer does not have the trouble to store fan in the winter.

Traditional fan deficiencies: children of things always cherished curiosity, traditional fan blade under the condition of high rotation speed, if there are children reach out and touch or metal objects touch, potentially dangerous, although fans will have the safety protection, but child safety need to always pay attention to. In addition, fan also need the skill, due to non-uniform electric fan blowing, the body of the direct blowing or blowing for a long time, sweat excretion is not balanced, symptoms of headache, dizziness, malaise and so. Although the fan can make cool, but also need to use in science.

Chapter two Dyson Pure Cool Link air purification intelligent fan

For the Dyson air purifying fan, it in traditional air convection cooling process will entirely purify indoor PM2.5, allergens and odors, to ensure that the indoor air fresh and natural, can effectively and quickly let the cold air flow in the room combined with air conditioner, more energy saving. Compared to the previous generation product AM11 Pure Cool, the launch of the Pure Cool Link is in the original basis added a link, support mobile devices (IOS / Android) connections, so that users can basic control, reservations, check the air quality through the mobile client remotely.

Cool Link Pure series is still divided into two versions, the larger floor version TP02, the desktop version DP01.

Classic tower design, looks big but light

As a bladeless fan, Dyson Pure Cool Link in the appearance of the continuation of the previous style, while compared to the traditional fan is a significant light. Just to see the outer package, its up to 1018mm height lets a person feel like very heavy, actually otherwise, due to the ABS resin material to build, and bladeless design, the weight of the whole machine is only 3.2kg.

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After opening the packing box, the whole fan is composed of a filter core, a filter core protecting net, a host, a loop amplifier (that is the symbol of the big oval ring) and a remote control device. The assembly is very simple, as long as we assemble this several parts in accordance with the instructions, at most 2, 3 minutes can easily over.

Wind feels soft and the noise is improved obviously.

No fan blade, where the wind come from? Dyson air purification fan uses the unique air amplifier (the air multiplier) technology and high efficiency DC motor, and use the fan at the bottom of the mixed flow impeller inhaled air, in the arcuate channel formed low pressure air field, driven by ambient air flow, resorted to wind speeds in excess of 10 times to inhaled air velocity, can achieve the flow of air.

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At the same time, due to the use of a brushless technology, it will not produce carbon dust as the traditional motor. And, there is a layer of the motor cover outside with the noise optimization, precise tuning of the motor’s shell to reduce vibration, thereby further reducing noise.

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In the actual experience, because there is no fan blade to “cut” the air, do not feel the stage of shock and wave shaped stimulation. The wind is very soft and natural. At the same time, the safety factor is greatly increased compared with the traditional blade fan because of the design of the bladeless. Especially for families with children, the curiosity of the children easily touched with a finger and lead to injury, no blade fan will completely dispel the concerns of parents in this regard.

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Wind speed, Dyson Pure Cool Link has 10 stalls, no change.

Noise, has been the most criticized aspects of the bladeless fan. The new official release of the Pure Cool Link said the noise has improved, in the actual test is also a preliminary confirmation. The test range is from Pure Cool Link 1 meters distance. The first measure of ambient noise is about 39dB, while the Auto automatic stall is about 45dB, which is acceptable range. Then the largest noise reached about 59db, compared to the previous 7, 80 dB data really improved a lot, and sleep profile is about 43db, far less than that of a conventional fan, even in a quiet bedroom, but also does not affect the rest.

Simple Manipulation, App function is intuitive and convenient

As a high level fan, Dyson Pure Cool Link has remote control and App two modes of operation. Remote control, it is very small, curved design fits the hand palm, feels good. Totally six keys, for the switch, AUTO stall, wind speed regulation, appointment timing, horizontal angle of the steering and sleep mode. Moreover, the remote control can be adsorbed in the loop amplifier elliptic ring with magnet to prevent the loss, very good design. In the direction of wind regulation, you can use the remote control to make the loop amplifier around about 270 degrees of rotation. Timing function, you can set from 15 minutes to 9 hours between the choice, the step is 15 minutes within an hour, one hour for the step after more than an hour, very practical.

dyson remote control

Dyson Pure Cool Link remote control 3

Compared to the former the biggest difference of Pure Cool Link is Dyson APP Link applications. First connection need to set up the product with the router. Later on, can remote control Pure Cool Link only need to have a network. In the main interface of the Dyson Link application, the local outdoor air quality information is displayed, but indoor air quality data does not output, only to show the status with color. Indoor temperature and humidity of the data is displayed.

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Ultimate Purification, Air Cleaner

The filtration system of Dyson Pure Cool Link is composed of the primary filter, HEPA and the active carbon fiber material. Which is the biggest highlight of Dyson uses a unique 360 degree of glass fiber H13 grade HEPA efficient filter. This filter is created with 6 metres micro fiber after 254 fold, orderly arrangement to ensure efficiently capture and remove all kinds of fine particles, can effective absorption and filtration of pollen, bacteria, and ranging from PM0.1 to other particles, and the purifying rate can reach as high as 99.95%, the clean air quickly sent to every corner of the room.

Dyson purifying fan

The filter can be used is expected to 4300 hours, in accordance with 24 hours per day calculation, probably can be used for 179 days, that is, half a year. Specific due to the actual air quality and machine operating speed varies. So the maintenance costs can be said is not small. For the sensor, in the back of the bottom of the machine with a built-in infrared LED sensor for the detection of PM2.5 particles (laser sensor accuracy higher in theory) and VOC sensor for the detection of harmful gases, but did not give the specific data output  in the application.

Pure Cool Link Replacement Filter

Need to pay attention to, maybe the Dyson air purifying fan is not an air purifier in the strict , the official did not give the Cadr and CCM values, so is not intuitive to quantify and measure the air purification ability.

Summary: Great Cool Helper to Create Family Health Life

As a bladeless fan, Pure Cool Link TP02 or DP01 has a fan and air purifier features, while adding support for mobile device remote control. With its cool shape design, high force lattice tonality and reliable purification ability, is a product to be able to make a person enchanted, especially significantly improve in terms of the noise. Buy at Amazon with good price now.

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