Pregnancy Preparation: How to Buy the First Baby Dress

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[Abstract] The heart is very urgent welcome the baby to world, many mothers will prepare for the baby items, such as clothes, shoes, beds, toys and so on. The baby’s clothes is “second skin”. For newborns, it is particularly important to select qualified security clothes. Maybe waste the items if you do not have to put on.So the first thing after the baby is born, how to buy clothes is an absolute science. Hope to keep the healthy life with you.

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First, a baby clothes HIGH demanding

The baby tender skin sensitive, poor anti friction and resistance force and skin sweat glands and blood vessels in development, not with the change of environment temperature and regulate the skin pH value. So unqualified clothing would physical damage to the baby skin.

  • Super pH range, can cause dermatitis and allergy

The fabric also has pH value. The baby skin alkaline, with the change of environment temperature and regulate the skin pH value of weak. If the baby clothes, PH more than the normal standard (4.0-7.5), the pH of skin will be destroyed, and cause inflammation of the skin, sweat glands of the baby’s system and nervous system will cause harm. Some baby skin allergy, can appear skin itching and other allergic symptoms.

  •  color fastness unqualified, may cause infection

The baby bites clothes and other things in the mouth, if the clothes color fastness is not up to the 4 level, the dye in the dyeing or harmful residues will be sucking into the body, causing harm to health. And baby skin friction in the process, the dye will stimulate the skin, erythema and pruritus. If not found in time, with the extension of friction may appear papules, large tracts of erythema, the baby will feel very urticant. Then the baby maybe scratches the skin, will ulceration, erosion, even large blisters. With improper treatment, may also cause a bacterial infection in the clothes worn next to the skin. Moreover, the unqualified dye may exceed the standard, carcinogenic.

  •  free formaldehyde exceed the standard, fear of injury of respiratory system

Some unscrupulous producers, in order to achieve the crease resistant, fire-retardant, printing and lasting effect, add formaldehyde in auxiliary during the production process. When people wear and use the cloth, free formaldehyde will gradually release, through the respiratory tract and skin contact, causing human skin inflammation, injury of respiratory system. On the baby’s toxicity is manifested in asthma, bronchitis, chromosomal abnormalities, decreased resistance and so on.

So, the choice of clothing, pregnant mother need to know in advance.

baby first cloth2

Two, the baby’s first dress selection criteria

1, material: pure cotton

Baby’s skin is particularly delicate, sweat gland is also particularly strong. So, in order to protect the baby’s delicate skin, it is best to choose cotton texture of the clothes. It is quite good of the permeability of cotton products, and keep warmth, little stimulation to the baby skin, and easy washing.

2, color: Plain

Baby clothes, the color of the net, one side, to avoid the dark pigment dyed cloth on the delicate skin caused by stimulation. On the other side, if the baby’s clothes dirty, mom can also be found in a shortly time.

3, size: loose

Baby clothes, the most important is loose. But should pay attention, not too tight or too wide. Too tight clothes is not conducive to the blood circulation, too lenient to wear in the body will easy to break with a baby. Generally wide 5-8 cm can be.

4, style: easy to wear off

Does not require the baby must wear a monk style or a piece of clothing, especially the newborn, the choice of style mainly to see whether the baby wearing comfortable. Whether convenient when the mother wear clothes to the baby. Usually, mummy feels more convenient during the neonatal period, because the baby body is very soft, the head of weakness, limb is buckling shape, so many monks style clothes.

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5, design: front cardigan

The newborn baby, the best clothes is front cardigan or wide neck, because the baby does not love his face covered by clothing. The cardigan clothes, is convenient for mother changing diapers for the children, and can reduce the baby body bare.

6 details: armpits and crotch

Should pay special attention to the baby’s clothes armpits and crotch is soft or not, because these places is a key part of the regular activities of the baby. If the fabric is not good, will cause damage to the baby’s skin.

7, security: avoid decoration and thread

The clothes should be avoid too much decoration. Lace, buttons, zippers and other decorative neckline, easy to scratch the baby. Give your baby to wear clothes, we must carefully check the clothes lint, and promptly cut off. If the thread around the baby’s fingers or toes, not only can let the baby feel uncomfortable, but also may affect blood circulation.

8, brand logo:

Choose clothes brand, pay attention to the relevant logo on baby clothes. First look at the products have trademark or not and the name and address of a factory. Secondly, to see whether there is a component mark. The most important is to have the product certification, product standard number, grade, product quality and meet the national compulsory standards of textile technical requirements.

spasilk newborn baby cloth
spasilk newborn baby cloth

Here are some good choices for mother to pick the first Baby clothes in Or choose the brand directly:  Gerber Baby, SpaSilk Baby and Burt’s Bees Baby.

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