Best Action Camera: GoPro HERO4 Silver

[Abstract] Given its position as GoPro’s mid-level action cam, you might think the GoPro Hero4 Silver is an underperformer like its predecessor, the Hero3+ Silver Edition. In fact, you could call the Hero4 Silver the Hero3+ Black Edition v2.0, as it is identical in almost every way, save for the welcome new touch screen round the back. The Hero4 Silver takes the Editors’ Choice crown from the now-discontinued Hero3+ Black Edition. It’s basically the same camera with an LCD for the same price. Just be warned that using the display reduces the Hero4 Silver’s already unimpressive battery life. Here is one of the reviews of this best action camera in 2016. Let’s enjoy the health technical life.

GoPro HERO4 Sliver-2

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Best Drone Camera: DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter Drone Camera

[Abstract] DJI is leading the way in consumer drones, both in popularity and performance. The DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter Drone Camera, the middle child in DJI’s current generation of entry-level aircraft, is just as capable as its big brother, the Phantom 3 Professional in almost every regard. The only real difference is that the Professional captures video at up to 4K quality, while the Advanced is limited to 2.7K. The Professional is our Editors’ Choice, but if you don’t need to shoot at 4K (or if you want to spend a bit less), the Advanced is a fine alternative. The Phantom 3 Advanced is as easy to recommend as it is to fly, the best quadcopter drone camera. This is to say it’s really easy. Here is one of the best reviews of this best drone camera. Let’s create colorful and funny technical life.


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Best Cool Watch: Montegrappa Chaos Gold and Enamel Stallone Watch


[Abstract] Apolarizing and unique watch, the Montegrappa Chaos watch is an horological extension of Sylvester Stallone and points to some of the reasons we love watches. Italian pen maker Montegrappa has a rather interesting recent history that involves, among other things, the creation of timepieces in addition to pens and a sale and repurchase from the Richemont Group. Here is one of the best reviews about this best cool watch.


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Best G-Shock: Casio Gw9400 1CR Rangeman Black Solar Watch


[Abstract] I love to review new Casio G-Shock watches and today I’d like to share with you the excellent Casio G Shock Black Solar Watch GW9400 Rangeman. Clearly I don’t cover each new G-Shock model, but I make it a point to notice the best pieces from Casio that continue to offer more of what we love in what is arguably the world’s most useful collection of timepieces. the G-Shock is an item that has the remarkable ability to appeal to watch lovers of all ages, budgets, and tastes. Casio Rangeman maybe is the best G Shock Watch. Here is one of the best reviews of this watch. Hope to help you to create health technical sports life.


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