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Google released five hardware products one night, which is the way she sees AI, VR

Abstract: Google has used a conference 2016 to show the world their eyes to the mobile phones, VR, AI and other cutting-edge technology ideas. The same is the annual hardware release event, compared with apple a new generation of the iPhone when the scene a few days ago, Google hardware conference appears a lot of…


IPhone8 Regression Double-sided Glass Design, High Version Exclusive Stainless Steel Frame

Recently, there is news that the Apple Corp is using an office in Israel to develop iPhone 8 smart phone hardware. Allegedly, Apple will launch iPhone 8 smart phones next year, compared to the previous phone, iPhone 8 design will be significantly changed. (more…) "IPhone8 Regression Double-sided Glass Design, High Version Exclusive Stainless Steel Frame"


The awesome technicians of Pokemon Go

In case you haven't looked at it undoubtedly, you are going to shortly when you are moving down the street. Every individual you circulate who is fervently exploring their smartphone is in all likelihood playing the No. 1 action in the united states at this moment: Pokemon Go. (more…) "The awesome technicians of Pokemon Go"

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First Glasses Form VR is coming, Dlodlo V1 Go ahead of Facebook and HTC

A company named Dlodlo launched the first glasses form VR dlodlo V1  in Newyork recently, go ahead of facebook and HTC. Closed with Mark Zuckerberg‘s future VR glasses now. The VR glasses called V1 appeared, it was called as the world's first true sense of the consumer VR glasses by the international media evaluation , "the thinnest…


Have a Bug A Salt, Enjoy Your Summer without Fly

Summer is a beautiful season... Sunshine, beach, sand, bubble... However, another thing is also more up. That is -- Fly! This tortured little demon, all day in your ear. Trouble to make you doubt your life! So come and try the most in the history of fly killing weapon: Bug A Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun…