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I think gold looks better. This color should win the hearts of many girls.

Golden, who doesn’t love?

With the development of technology, on the one hand, the sound quality of the real wireless headset (TWS earbuds) has become better and better to meet the daily needs, on the other hand, the product power consumption and battery life are also more and more perfect. But open the search page and you can see that black and white items absolutely occupy half of the country. Today’s young friends, especially female friends, are actually pursuing their own taste and characteristics. No matter from dressing, or daily necessities, these details are considered one by one. GN Netcom, which has accumulated more than 150 years in the audio field, has positioned itself as a brand of consumer earphones: Jabra has released a new product of Elite 75t Gold Beige, which is really a bit of mouthwatering.

There is a saying called “out of mud without dye, wash clean without demon”. Although there are some golden earphones on the market, many of them are rose gold or pure gold of fitting apple. Either too bold, or too “demon” color. This Jabra elite 75t Gold Beige true wireless Bluetooth earbuds has a delicate “figure”. The key is that this golden color is clean, simple and elegant. This luxury style is really irresistible. So there is the beginning of this sentence: ” Golden, who doesn’t love? “.


I have bought other products of Jabra brand before, and I am very familiar with packing boxes.

For the elite 75t series, the most obvious difference is the color difference of the headset picture in the middle of the box. Gray square box design, edges and corners. In the upper left corner is the familiar Jabra logo, and in the lower right corner is the product name of elite 75t. Of course, there are also black and titanium black in the Jabra elite 75t, but these two styles are more business-oriented, and this gold one is more suitable for the spiritual guys and girls with style.

Open the box

Including 1 pair of Jabra elite 75t earphones, 3 pairs of earplugs, 1 charging cable, 1 charging box and 1 quick operation guide.

Nowadays, in addition to the requirements of product quality, people pay more and more attention to the appearance of products, that is, the appearance value. And that’s the first instinct of many girls choosing cosmetics and electronic products – the makeup box or Dyson hair dryer of this eyebrow pencil is really beautiful! As a kind of “close fitting object” which is necessary for carrying and listening to songs on the phone, it is not only necessary to have its own strength and excellent hand feeling, but also necessary for its beauty. The earphone unit and the earphone charging box of Jabra elite 75t Gold Beige real wireless Bluetooth headset are the same golden color. It looks beautiful.

The size of the charging box is about 62 * 37 * 27mm, and the weight is about 35g. The whole body is designed in beige. The shape is similar to that of the airpods pro. Golden logo, composite material surface has a very warm feel, it seems like a girl’s hand, let people love.

The headset box uses a usb-type-c interface. The interface is designed at the back of the charging box instead of the bottom (the charging station is unstable), and there is a charging indicator beside the interface. Nowadays, many Android phones have type-C interfaces, so data lines can be seen everywhere. It’s very easy and convenient to charge at any time when there’s no power. When using the headset charging box for the first time, remember to tear off the packing paper in the box. In addition, when opening the box, there is a sense of ceremony, which reminds me of the feeling when eating the hot pot to unseal the “Ribbon”.

The earphone box not only feels very good on the outside, but also opens easily. One hand can open the cover, and the other hand can take out the earphone, which is convenient and simple. When I’m usually OK, I wear headphones in my ears, and my hands are very likely to play with the headphone cover. I think it’s interesting to click.

The earphone body is placed separately. After it is taken out, the earphone is generally placed in the charging box. The earphone box is designed with magnetic absorption. It’s very easy to put the earphone in. It’s easy to handle with a click, and it’s not easy to fall.

Go back to the earphone unit. Take out this pair of exquisite earphones from the packing box. On the one hand, I think the real wireless earphones can be so mini and small, and the color of the earphone unit is really eye-catching. The outer side of the unit is full of golden metallic luster. It is simple and elegant with the same golden body as the earphone box. It is full of texture and shows light and luxurious style.

The earphone body is very small, with a single weight of more than 5g. Don’t think the earphone is small and light, so the configuration of the components inside shrinks. The two ear unit is equipped with 6mm dynamic loudspeakers and 4 noise reduction microphones in total, reaching a 7.5-hour long endurance button battery and circuit board, which are very “luxurious” and full of high technology. It can only be said that today’s electronic products are developing at such an amazing speed that it is difficult to guess from nothing with some common sense.

Jabra logo is printed on the outside of the earphone unit, and the earphone also has a more round and compact microphone terminal, which will once again enhance the overall mellow and concise feeling of the earphone. Although it’s small, the microphone configuration is not small. Only one microphone is left on the extension handle, and the other microphone is integrated into the “waist” of the earphone cavity.

Jabra Elite Series Quick Botton Guide

The outside of the headphone unit is actually an integrated multifunction button. For the new girls, it’s better to know that pressing once first corresponds to the pause of playing, while answering and mute correspond to the call. More functions can be learned and used gradually. When pressing, you don’t need to use too much force, so the ear won’t bear a very uncomfortable touch. The experience is very good. Reset function: long press the buttons on the left and right sides for 10 seconds until the LED light flashes purple, which is actually a function to restore the factory settings, so that you can reconnect more new phones.

There are L and R marks on the inner side of the earphone unit, so it is not easy to wear them wrong. The sound cavity catheter stretched out by the unit is very meticulous in workmanship. With the eargels silicone earmuff (officially called ear glue), the earphone unit can be inserted into the ear for a better fit, so it can also have a very good passive noise reduction effect. I usually wear a medium or large size, in addition to the basic inability to hear others talking to me (passive noise reduction effect is very good), of course, I also enjoy a more adequate bass music experience.

It’s very simple to wear. Take out the earphone, put it into the corresponding ear and rotate it to make the microphone direction towards the mouth. In the actual experience, the earphone body is quite resistant to dirt because it can’t be avoided to wear and remove it by hand. I once dropped the earphone on the ground by mistake, with a height of at least 1 meter. When I picked it up, I found that it was not damaged and the sound quality of the earphone did not change. The reason is that the outer shell is made of high-strength PC / ABS composite material, which makes the earphone not easy to be damaged. At the same time, the PMMA protective coating design makes the earphone have a better hand feel, at the same time, it is more resistant to dirt, and the design of the inner layer is also very rigorous. However, it is recommended that you do not throw headphones when you are OK. After all, it is not good to crush flowers and grass.

Wearing experience & sound quality experience

Jabra elite 75t series earphones use a 6mm moving coil unit. It is equipped with eargels silicone earmuffs to provide good passive noise reduction effect, which can not be achieved by itself, especially in the bass part. At the same time, it can be used with its own app: Jabra sound +, which is convenient for firmware update, as well as EQ adjustment with high playability, and can be “customized” for your own music listening taste.

First download the exclusive software of jabrasound +, turn on Bluetooth, take out the earphone body from the earphone box, and connect step by step according to the operation steps. If you can’t connect, press the left and right function buttons of the headset for three seconds, and the blue light of the right headset flashes. At this time, check 75t in the Bluetooth menu of the phone to complete the connection. Jabra Jabra elite 75t is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, and the connection is faster and more stable. Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, take out the headset from the charging box, and you can adapt the headset to the Bluetooth of the mobile phone.

The interface of Jabra sound + software also has its own characteristics. The overall style is very simple, mainly in black and yellow. In the profile mode, there is a switch button with side listening function. For example, when running, you can clearly hear the surrounding environment sound when you turn it on, and you can be safer when crossing the road.

The music equalizer can be configured by default or adjusted manually. For example, if you like bass, in addition to clicking on bass enhancement, you can drag the curve by yourself to make the music released by headphones more in line with your music taste.

On the home page, in addition to my situation, there are commuting and focus mode. For example, in the commuter mode, you can set your favorite listening taste, which is convenient for you to listen to songs on your way to work, open the side listening to hear the subway bus stop report, and you won’t miss getting off. The focus mode can set some special music, such as waves, birds, waterfalls, running water and other very natural sounds, which can make you more attentive and not affect your focus because of the too dynamic pop songs.

In addition, the app has more detailed setting functions, including voice assistant selection, audio experience, call experience and headset assistance function item details.


Jabra elite 75t true wireless Bluetooth headset supports SBC and AAC decoding. Android phones are generally SBC, and apple phones can reach AAC. The main choice of the front end of the test is the most common Apple iPhone and Huawei phones. For music audition, you can choose a few pieces of lossless music that have been synchronized to the memory card of your mobile phone long ago, and you can also choose the music app that you often use everyday.

In terms of listening sense, the performance of sound quality is very excellent, especially in the bass part, which has a strong sense of energy and is very suitable for everyone’s listening taste. Listen to Ocean During the drive and leg shaking tracks, the rhythm of drumbeats and the overall atmosphere of the music are very shocked, and the performance of the medium frequency, especially the vocal performance, is quite comfortable. On the other hand, because of the headphone design, the tightness after wearing is very good, which also strengthens the listening effect of the heavy and low tone taste again, and the background music details of the whole tune are clear and audible 。 It has to be said that although it is only a 6mm dynamic circle, the sound quality is not bad. When you take off the headphones, the music will pause automatically, which is also very considerate.

Call effect experience

In fact, the call project has always been the strength of Jabra series products. Jabra elite 75t has four microphones, integrated with noise reduction call technology. The call effect is very clear. With the function buttons of left and right ears, in fact, it can complete all call operation requirements without operating the mobile phone. Even if there are two calls at the same time, the headset can properly conduct call operation. In fact, I have a very good impression on the call quality experience of the headset, and I took this opportunity to successfully ask for girl’s phone number.

The headset also supports the simultaneous connection of two devices, one of the main machines listens to songs and plays games, and the other of the standby machines makes phone calls. One earphone, the main and auxiliary phones are correct. By the way, playing hand games and chasing dramas are two hobbies of young people. When chasing dramas, I can’t feel the delay. I tested eating chicken in hand games, and I can almost eat chicken without any sound delay. I’m very satisfied!

The overall contour of the earphone unit is very smooth, and the weight of the single ear is only 5g. After wearing it for a long time, you will not feel the very hard and uncomfortable pressure brought by the huge earphone unit. It’s very comfortable to wear.

About stability. Although the size of the earphone unit is very small, its unique design is very stable even without ear wings after it gets stuck in the ear, and it will not easily fall off during personal outdoor fitness running. At the same time, the earphone also supports IP55 water-proof, and the ordinary splashes in daily life will not hurt the earphone body at all. You who love fitness can relax and wear this earphone to your heart’s content Body room sweat like rain!

In general, the advantages of the product are outstanding. It is small, comfortable, long-term, easy to wear, excellent passive noise reduction effect, stable Bluetooth 5.0 fast link, and can be customized by app taste when listening to songs. The bass effect that Chinese like is very shocking, and pop music and so on can be easily controlled. I’m sure that someone will ask me how does this headset compare with Airpods Pro or Beats?

On the endurance, the jabraelite 75t real wireless Bluetooth headset can last up to 7.5 hours in a single endurance, and the combination with the charging bin can bring a total of 28 hours of endurance. Listening to songs for 4-5 hours a day and not charging for a week is not a dream. It is easy to meet the daily commuting needs.

However, it is also pointed out that the charging box cannot support wireless charging, and it is hoped that Jabra can develop wireless charging bin and corresponding accessories in the future.


In fact, I really like this headset after I try it on for the editor. The new Jabra elite 75t meter gold color is more in line with the tonality and taste needs of young fashion. On the one hand, the earphone has a small body, exquisite workmanship, excellent hand feel and comfortable wearing sense. At the same time, the earphone also has a very satisfying listening performance. The bass is shocking and the voice quality is clear. On the other hand, the color of beige is a brand-new attempt for Jabra brand, but this kind of light and extravagant color will be messed up accidentally. I think the brand is just right. It is a trinity of clean, simple and elegant. Suddenly I feel the new Jabra elite 75t This product will hit the hearts of many girls, you have girlfriend’s enthusiasts, heart to be ready.

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