New Balance Fresh Foam Zante, Jogging Run in the City

(Last Updated On: 2016年6月12日)

[Abstract] Whether it is in a hurry to join the camp city running, or has advanced the next stage of sports fans, for jogging in the process of comfort feeling has the same pursuit. More and more runners from the gym to ordinary road up jogging, that the hard road environment for the runners requires more running shoes of a pair of soft and light enough to protect our feet. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante is designed just for the city road.Here is one of the best reviews of this shoes.

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Runners must not will contact together with the slow shock running shoes and new balance, but the advent of this Fresh Foam Zante shoes broke the inherent in the concept of the runners. Today’s NB is very important to the shock effect, while the weight of this piece looks heavy and incomparable shoes are much lighter than the imagination. So what Zante shoes feeling?

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Product highlights 1: Science and technology in mid-bottom of Foam Fresh provides a comprehensive mitigation

Talk about the concept of science and technology in mid-bottom about running shoes, many people may remember its classic president jogging shoes obsession. Actually new balance already stand on the the forefront of science and technology R & D, bionics design of the intelligent cellular, developed in the great runners’ data. Acquisition based on the new base material of fresh foam is the maximum technical highlights. This new material guarantee at any ground on the ground, feet provide excellent cushioning protection. According to the feet touch the ground by dynamic force and more than 300 pieces of cellular protection grain scientific arrangement in the bottom of the fronte, mid and tail, with concave and convex of geometric structure combination, let cushioning to protect peace steady support accurate and effective.

Product highlights 2: integration of the body design to make the perfect fit

New balance fresh foam Zante the streamlined body of the shoe, mid-foot compact package. With integrated within the shoe design, make the vamp more fit to run their instep feet experience natural and comfortable. Breathable mesh and seamless upper makes sense of science and technology utter simplicity appearance, toe and the shoe body put together the color design to meet current running shoes design fashion, unforgettable.

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Actual combat evaluation: light weight super shock to provide the best protection, with the runner shortly run in

The test of Fresh Foam Zante can be regarded as the common shoes inside is quite thick, thick soles rate we once thought that wearing shoes is not New Balance. And New Balance, two years ago, the flagship of the Minimus was not the same, now New Balance super value cushioning effect. This is the most intuitive on foot feeling, pavement is vague, but the buffer effect is really good. The key is very light weight, unlike the previous Boost as fit is good, but the weight is so heavy. Really unexpected, based on the force dynamic double foot landing, in the bottom of the plurality of cellular protection arrangement in grain science at the end of the front, you will find in the running in the concave structure design to more stability, more on the outer side of convex shape when landing posture has great effect of the correction. The moment you will fall Not natural will focus on transfer to the outer side of the shoe body. Do not underestimate a “soft” word, it brings fit experience greatly reduced due to road resistance or bumpy road brought the plantar adverse reactions. So jogging has become an excellent choice for physical and mental pleasure, also solidly leading the city runner more to run farther.

In portion of the outsole with a whole piece of coating rubber, this also is very rare in the previous new balance shoes. Using the same intelligent cellular lines, different size particles to sole District force, an increase of more wear-resistant adapt to urban road situation. Before and after 6 mm height difference, let we test run very natural, no resistance. New in this season is also equipped with a bold and bright fluorescent green, bright pink color, and had new balance slightly conservative style. After our testing, recommend running shoes this corresponds to pursue a brisk pace city runner to use.

New Balance Zante running shoes one of the most unique highlights is not require much time to run-in, fits quite well after run a few minutes on foot. Of course, running shoes range are defined by some narrow, just to the city’s speed type runners. Tailored using FRESH FOAM smart shock midsole, maximizing cushioning effect all have left a deep impression. Of course, a comfortable shoe with a lightweight fit streamlined body of the shoe design, matched bold bright fluorescent color, a combination of these effects are accentuated New Balance Zante appearance trend Fan. Light weight runners can enjoy wearing it to run into the city.

You can buy this shoe in is much cheaper than before.Enjoy the health sports life.

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