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[Abstract] Recent years, the living room has become the most tragic battlefield of science and technology companies. TV’s size is also bigger and bigger, but the price of more than 100 inches large screen TV is too expensive, cannot go into ordinary families. Many companies take the revolution of large screen TV on high definition projection, such as BenQ and Sony, but the price and brightness of the projector has not been a breakthrough. In April 29, 2016, JmGO, a technology company from China, dropped a bomb in the world. JmGO conference in Beijing launched two high-profile new products: S1 laser TV and 1080P smart theater X1, design inspiration from the lotus and fish, product performance and appearance thrown several streets of similar products. Best Reviews helps you to create health tech life.

JmGo S1 Laser TV

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JmGO S1 Pro Laser TV, Buy it at

3500 ANSI Lumins

S1 laser TV, known as a collection of top hardware configuration is the first laser light source micro cast, using the projection reflex principle, achieve 300 inches Full HD screen projection, high brightness, ultra-short focal projection, off-axis lens, new industrial design and high performance configuration and the brightness is up to 3500ANSI Lumins, real sense subversion the TV. General DLP projector and 3LCD, the highest brightness projector brightness is less than 2000ANSI Lumins, general home theater does not exceed 650ANSI.

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Ultra Shot Throw Projector

JmGO S1 using reflective ultra-short focal projection technology, picture projection ratio reached 0.25:1. A distance of 1.7 meters, the projection screen will reach an astonishing 300 inches. Standing in front of the huge projection screen, you will be deeply shocked by the magnificent beautiful.

S1 physical resolution to reach the full HD level of 1920 x 1080, each frame of the screen contains 2 million 70 thousand pixels, is the mainstream 720P resolution of 2.25 times. Under the same size, the details of the S1 are more abundant and the image is more delicate.

50-300 inch projection size to allow you to master:

Distance of 0.3 meters 54 inches

Distance of 0.5 meters 90 inches

Distance of 0.8 meters 144 inches

Distance of 1 meter 180 inches

Distance of 1.7 meters 307 inches

You are not wrong: a distance of 1 meter can produce 180 inch projection area, imagination of the function.

10.7 Billion Colors

S1 support 1024 level gray scale, this feature greatly broaden the color gamut range, make the picture color reached breathtaking 10.7 billion colors, showing extreme colors.

The brightness of S1 is the amazing 3500ansi, 8 times of the common projector, can be used in the daytime.

S1 projection screen of the static contrast more than iPhone 6S, dynamic contrast is as high as 50000:1. This means that the color level is richer, the picture is more vivid, especially in the black part of the details, rendering ability to get a great strengthening, and your viewing experience has been significantly improved. iPhone 6S screen static contrast 1400:1, 1800:1 for S1.


Laser light source also enhance the experience of 3D. The increase of the projected brightness, S1 can provide a much brighter 3D screen. The dark image is clear, the picture details are more abundant, 3D screen effect is therefore more fascinating.

Buy JmGO S1 Pro at

X1, Best Home Theater

JmGO X1 10

At the same time, there is another new product named JmGO X1, support 1920*1080 resolution, 4K HD screen, brightness 950ANSI (equivalent to 4000 LM ISO), to lead the smart micro cast into the era of 1080P HD highlights.

JmGO X1 5

X1 highlights is the appearance of the whole aluminum alloy, as well as built-in fever class sound. The projection ratio is only 1.13:1, which is a high transmittance coating lens with the cinema quality. Compared to the projection ratio of 1.5:1 products, in the same projection distance can project a larger picture. And support auto focus, easy to control and use.

JmGO X1 9

X1 uses the diffuse reflection imaging principle output light source, compared to the direct light source to reduce the visual damage, let parents more at ease.

The two product price is very affordable, S1 less than $3000, while the X1 is less than $1000 in China! Maybe a little higher when they come into global market.

G1 and G1s, the Best Entry Level Home Theater

But it is a pity that these two products are still unable to purchase in USA, believe that they can quickly login to the U.S. market. But fortunately there are the entry level products JmGo G1 and G1S on Amazon, much cheaper, 1280X800 in support of the 4K resolution playback, 450ANSI (equivalent 1500 ISO LM) brightness, projection ratio is 1.13:1, HiFi audio inside and game features support, many people rated as five-star, is the best family cinema below $700. Check it at

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JmGo G1 and G1s

P2, Elegant Portable WIFI HD Projector

JmGo P2 2

Another star product is JmGo  P2, the elegant portable WIFI HD projector. P2 support 1280*720p, 3D, 220 ANSI Lumins. Also a Dolby Bluetooth Speaker and 15600mAh  portable battery mobile station.

P2 is quite suitable for travel, business, home cinema. Automatic connect your computer, iPad, iPhone and Android Phone. Enjoy your interesting living with simple, colorful and more easier way! Just launch at on Dec 6,2016. Check it now>>> 

JmGo P2 1

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