IPhone8 Regression Double-sided Glass Design, High Version Exclusive Stainless Steel Frame

(Last Updated On: 2016年9月29日)

Recently, there is news that the Apple Corp is using an office in Israel to develop iPhone 8 smart phone hardware. Allegedly, Apple will launch iPhone 8 smart phones next year, compared to the previous phone, iPhone 8 design will be significantly changed.


Yesterday, KGI securities analyst known as “the prediction is always right” released a research report, the latest he predicted that Apple iPhone 8 will be launched in 2017  is likely to adopt similar to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S glass which is double-sided glass design, and add wireless charging function.

Apple Corp might think that deep black iPhone 7 loved by the users because of its smooth surface, and the glass design will greatly reduce the possibility of being scratched. Compared with aluminum alloy material, the glass material of the shell will be more durable. For example, iPhone 7 on the bright black shell, it is easy to scratch.

The report also pointed out that, according to a survey of iPhone 7 pre orders for the company, 30% to 35% of the global range , 45% to 50% of Chinese market, the pre orders are the choice of the deep black iPhone 7, this color version due to inventory restrictions and difficult to buy.


If the Apple Corp really for next year’s new iPhone with positive and negative glass design, then all the colors of the iPhone series of products are likely to have a smooth surface gloss similar, specifically to see how to deal with the design and Apple Corp.

In addition, the yield of produce of the deep black iPhone 7 is low, one of the reasons for the Apple Corp to return to the design of the glass, 2.5D glass will be able to bring more durable design, the phone can withstand the impact of falling.


However, iPhone 8 should not use whole glass body which in a lot of conceptual design. KGI said:” the design of the whole glass is not realistic, Apple will use the way to strengthen the structure of the metal frame design. Stainless steel case looks better than Aluminum Alloy, while the cost is also higher. We believe that only high version iPhone will use stainless steel frame.”

If the prediction is true, this means that the next iPhone will type classification and similar to that of Apple Watch, entry-level Apple Watch is used Aluminum Alloy shell, while the advanced version of the Apple Watch with a stainless steel shell.

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