How to Really Bathing Safety and Health?

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[Abstract] Bathing is the people in their daily lives, but likely to affect health if not the right way to bathe , the worst case would directly lead to occur safety problems. According to statistics, there are up to 300 persons because of accidents and deaths bathroom in the world every day. There are various bathroom problems, how many you know? Life is no small matter, how to protect the most basic safety and health shower? Best Reviews hope to help you to create the health tech and safety life.


part1. Safety issues

  1. Carbon monoxide poisoning

That gas poisoning by carbon monoxide, carbon or carbonaceous material burning a chemical poison incomplete release, is a suffocating gas. Enters the human body, can cause poisoning hypoxia, resulting in severe neurological damage and life-threatening. Many families with gas water heater combustion heating in the shower if the water heater is installed improper position (such as installing indoors), poor indoor ventilation, and Gas leak, most likely caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.


  1. Electrocution

Part of the water heater is electrically driven, and the power is very high, reaching more than 1000W. It requires a dedicated power supply line and the plug. If installed improperly, or long-term use, highly probable leakage accident. And the water is a conductive material. Water heater has leakage protection plug, if replaceable plug into a common, greater security risks.

  1. Slip falls

Bathroom has poor ventilation, moist slippery characteristics such as vapor density, humidity, eyes will also be some occlusion, which led to a fall due to slipping cause a common occurrence in recent years, especially in the elderly, children and other vulnerable special crowd, but it should attract attention.


  1. Vasodilation, hypoxia

With improper bath, the water temperature is too high or after a meal, drink and bathe immediately, will make the whole body skin blood vessels to dilate, heart cerebral blood flow reduction, for physical weak people, it is apt to cause hypoxia phenomenon.

  1. Glass Explosion

Glass doors will be installed in the bathroom that is simple and beautiful atmosphere. However due to glass blew accident caused injuries are not uncommon. The overall probability bath room glass blew although low, but the risk is still not been ignored.

part2. Safety articles

  1. Use safe water heater

To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning case, it must first select the secure gas water heater. Direct emission type water heaters cannot be used, but try to choose install ventilation pipes and electric fan heaters. Water heater installation must meet specifications, unbalanced water heater must be installed outside the bathroom. In addition, no matter what the season using a gas water heater, have window ventilation to keep indoor air fresh. Electric water heater selection is also important, all accessories must choose original parts, professional maintenance. Rheem is a professional water heater brand, long-term history, you can buy them on Here are two models, one is Gas, and the other is electric:

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  1. Explosion-proof membrane mitigate risk

There is a danger of glass blew in the bathroom, but we can reduce the harm by explosion-proof membrane. But to be extra careful when in the selection of explosion-proof membrane, try to choose certification through the International Association. Some poor proof membrane, not only would not achieve any protective effect, but also may contain toxic gases.


  1. Effective anti-slip

Slip bathroom tiles can be used in building materials, such as quartz tiles, antique tiles, and diamond tiles. Try to ensure dry separation space, which is isolated shower area with toilet, basin area, to prevent water stains splashed too many places. In addition, place the bathroom mat, which can effectively prevent slipping wrestling when bathing. Such as the following product from

Anti Slip Bath Mat
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part3. Health articles

After a safe bathing environment, you can start a hot bath at ease! However, in daily life, many people bathe with wrong perception. You really know how healthy bathing?

  1. Shower

Many people like to choose a bath shower way as convenient, not require much preparation. However, do not think a shower is simply as “flush water body”, which also has a major problem. In fact, the best method is to shower with warm wet body, then coated with shower gel, shower gel to wash and clean after, and then the temperature increase. At this time a slightly higher temperature of the water body can open pores and let the muscles relax. But, to maintain the hot water for 2-5 minutes later, the water temperature should be lowered gradually, to help close the pores.

  1. Bath

Bath is not just a way of bathing, but easier and very enjoyable sport. At a suitable temperature, water molecules enjoy jumping on the skin every pore stretch, breathe. 10-20 minutes in each bath is better, the water temperature of about 40 degrees is appropriate. In addition, the bath easier sweat than expected, so it is best to add water before full baths, drinking water or boiled water at normal temperature. Good tub will help to enjoy the bath, buy at

Cadet Freestanding Tub 3
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  1. Special medicated bath

Some special way of bathing, the body can produce different results. For example, milk bath has a cosmetic effect, because the milk is rich in milk fat, vitamins and minerals, it has a natural moisturizing effect; honey bath can nourish the skin, improve dry skin and chapped, but also anti-aging; oil bath can cleanse the body leaving the aroma, stimulate the body skin tissue expansion pores, eliminate muscle fatigue benefits.

part4 Crowd articles

  1. Old people

The elderly get tired standing shower should be a chair in the bathroom, and to install a shower holder according to the desired height. In addition, in order to prevent elderly falls bumps, the installation of non-slip mats (Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat at in the bathroom is quite important. The choice sanitary products should also be smooth based.


  1. Pregnant women

Pregnant women need to keep themselves clean, so how bathing the healthiest? Bath with shower is appropriate, water temperature is not too cold or hot, and time is not too long. With increasing gestational age, the body will change the center of gravity, lower limb burden on pregnant women also increasing, if necessary, stepped into the tub taken a step stool, and then covered with a non-slip mat or towel dry. Take some talcum powder to keep the skin dry after bathing.

shower non slip chair
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  1. Baby

Baby skin tender, be sure to bath water temperature controlled at 40 degrees, and to avoid scalding accidents. Bath with clear water is appropriate, occasionally using a mild soap, the number cannot be too frequent, too much will make the baby’s skin dry.



  1. The first thing is not undress

The first thing is not clothes off, but drink. Because often sweat when bath, so that the body of water will reduce, it shall be supplemented by the addition of water, help the body’s metabolism.

  1. Soap compare with shower gel

For the cleaning efficacy, soap better than shower gel, because more alkaline. However, relatively strong alkaline soap is not suitable for sensitive skin. With gentler shower gel, skin feels smooth and delicate. Best to have a fixed place to place to avoid staining, easy to use, simple products such as the following:

simplehuman adjustable shower caddy plus
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  1. Hypotension needs to be cautious with hot water

Many people prefer to use the hot foot bath, hot springs. However, there are heart disease with low blood pressure, people should not regularly feet. Because the feet with hot water or hot springs, can cause blood vessels dilate, blood will flow to the body surface from the vital organs, which should lead to the heart, brain, etc. The vital organs maybe ischemia and hypoxia.

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