kitchen mouldproof strategies in the long rainy season4
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[Abstract] Spring came, southern buddies has faint cry in the side racks during rain and fog days. However, this is not a matter of! Maybe there are more typhoons would visit us. Long rainy days, not only the nightmare of clothing, the kitchen has become a super heavy disaster areas, especially after the food is affected with damp easily mildew, food pollution risk factors continue to rise. How to get rid of mold in kitchen and keep the healthy life?

kitchen mouldproof strategies in the long rainy season1

Tips: the importance of kitchen mildew

The terrible thing is: the microbial metabolism will produce aflatoxin, is a very toxic and highly carcinogenic substance.

When we eat moldy food, aflatoxin on the human liver will make tissue damage. It is very likely to occur in acute poisoning. Fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, anorexia and other physical discomfort at least have to torment us for three five days. Mostly it is even a few months after the occurrence of toxic liver disease.

The old man and the adorable baby are gastrointestinal sensitive, physique weaker people. In order to keep family health, kitchen anti mildew desiccant action should be immediately kicked off.

  • Mouldproof Action First: Kitchen Environment

Mildew first step is, of course, from the beginning of the kitchen environment, wet dirty kitchen environment will direct contamination of kitchen utensils and food, accelerate the moldy rate.

Boy cleaning the kitchen


Rainy days the South or southeast direction (i.e., the wind direction) of the doors and windows closed, only open the doors and windows of the downwind direction, can reduce the water vapor into the room. Smoke lampblack machine also have the function of air circulation. Every time you are finished using the kitchen, ventilation for 10 to 15 minutes, will be able to speed up within the kitchen ventilation and dry.


Wet kitchen most easily stained with dust and dirt, but also provide a breeding ground for bacterial comfort. Therefore, should keep cleaning after use either tableware or hearth, should develop a habit of handy to wipe clean, keep dry.

In addition, the corner of the kitchen is also very easy to breed mold. Especially the kitchen handover and the wall boundary usually to silica gel sealing, after a period of time, the seams often yellow, and mildew found. At this time available toilet paper dip bleaching water to cover seams, wait for dry yellow, fungi breeding situation naturally clear.


Wet weather, recommended in the kitchen do not pile too much debris, such as the Vegetable & Fruit food from the kitchen to the refrigerator. The surface of spice jars with kitchen paper to wipe clean.

  • Mouldproof Action Second: Food Ingredients

Vegetable and fruit

After buy the fruits and vegetables in the market, should get rid of decay or damage, and then immediately put into the refrigerator with fresh bag wrap.

kitchen mouldproof strategies in the long rainy season3

Seasoning class

Seasoning is a real headache with white mold. Seasoning should be used immediately after the use of bottle cap screw, bottle body wipe clean. Can also try in edible oil with a little fennel, pepper, clove, cinnamon; in soy sauce a little pepper oil; in the yellow wine put a few pieces of red dates, or Diospyros lotus, you can prevent the oxidation of these spices long tunica albuginea, neither deterioration and to make the taste more mellow.

Dried food

Letinous edodes, dried squid, etc. should be sealed bag with small shrimp dry cargo or sealed container in the refrigerator to save. Dried fruit with moisture can be directly heated by microwave oven and oven drying. If the mushroom if there is little molds flowers, do not wash with water directly. Should brush the mold flowers first, then make it dry with small fire.


After eating snacks with a piece and throw them a side, it is very easy to spoil. Can purchase a number of sealing strips, make the snacks resealed.

Don’t eat moldy food while cut the moldy parts. Most moldy food, not metamorphosed the part has also entered into the process of microbial metabolism, has produced a large number of invisible bacteria and toxins.

  • Mouldproof Action Third: Kitchen Supplies

Don’t think that as long as the mildew on the food, you may have seen poisoning case with small musty kitchen supplies. To keep the kitchen clean and tidy is an important role for the cleanliness of the food.

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Bowl dish pan

Put the wet bowls into the seal cupboard is easy to make mold everywhere. The dishes and bowls are best to dry or dry and then put in the cupboard. And the pot bowl and other large objects are dry after natural air drying for the appropriate. Here are some very nice dish racks from OXO Foldaway Dish Rack and Stylish Sturdy Stainless Steel Metal Wire Medium Dish Drainer Drying Rack.

EdgeStar 6 Place Setting Countertop Portable Dishwasher 2
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If you love the dishes in the dishwasher, be sure to choose a dishwasher with a drying function, such as EdgeStar 6 Place Setting Countertop Portable Dishwasher. But the dishwasher is not very complete drying, so be sure to open the dishwasher for a while after used.

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Chopping board

Wet days, bamboo wood chopping boards are easy to become moldy. Not recommended for this kind of board to cut any food with juice, it is much better to be replaced by the best oil antibacterial function plastic cutting board. Board after cleaning, need to immediately wipe dry. Here are some of the very popular and Carving Boards at OXO Good Grips Cutting and Carving Board and Dutis 3-Piece Dishwasher Safe Plastic Cutting Board Set.

Dishcloth and kitchen paper

Don’t look down on the dishcloth, wipe your hands, wipe the dishes, wipe the table…… Your dishcloth has come into contact with your food. Also, most of the time, is a hodgepodge of bacteria rag. Therefore, it is recommended to replace by the kitchen paper to scrub heavy greasy things. Make sure the dishcloth be clean with hot water disinfection every 1-2 days.

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Here is the most popular kitchen paper in Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels.

I hope it is useful for your healthy life and keep the kitchen deep clean.

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