HomePlug AV2 Adaptor, Best to Build Multi-Room House Network

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[Abstract] Home network general need a WiFi router, and WiFi router signal will be weak of metal objects, household appliances, or thick walls. Then, the kitchen, bathroom, balcony or window corner, the formation of the WiFi signal is relatively isolated. Big house or separated from the floor, it is more likely to appear in this situation. In this case, there are three solutions, one is the cable network for data transmission, the second is to enhance the WIFI signal power, the third is the power line transmission technology HomePlug. In an existing home environment, re arrangement of cable network is very troublesome, and WiFi signal can not always enhance and prone to harmful radiation, so the power line which available everywhere becomes the best way to expand signal coverage. Hope to create Healthy life.

homeplug and wifi

Different wall material, the degree of loss of WIFI signal is also different. The order is steel structure, brick, wood, foam of glass, plastic, at least. Wall thickness is also an influence factor, so when it comes to the wall or ceiling / floor of the room, the signal loss is the most serious. From the point of view of theory and laboratory data, generally through 5cm thick wood materials, WiFi signal will decay 4.5db; from the router 3 meters away through a wall of common walls, WiFi signal probably will decay 60% – 70%; general WiFi signals cannot penetrate the two load-bearing wall.

Power line transmission HomePlug is not a new technology, has been 15 years of history. Although it is directly inserted in the 100-240V circuit board, but did not introduce additional security issues, and the use of encryption technology, there is no problem of information security. Due to the inability to penetrate the transformer and the meter, it is only used in the home network.

1, HomePlug 1.0 in June 2001 announced the first generation of high speed power line network technical specifications, is the world’s first PLC technical standards, that is, Plug Home 1.0. It appears to provide users with a real solution to add no any new line, can easily form a home network solution, when its highest data transmission rate of 14Mbps.

2, HomePlug 1.0 Turbo, it will increase the maximum data rate to 85Mbps, so that the application experience of the power line network has been significantly improved.

3, Homeplug AV, it is PLC about audio / video, broadband home networking technology specification, it supports the allocation of a plurality of data and video streams, including throughout the entire family of high definition TV (HDTV) and standard definition television (SDTV) and home entertainment applications, including HDTV and home theater. And even more exciting is that its maximum data rate has reached 200Mbps, or even 500Mbps.

4, Homeplug Green PHY, using existing Homeplug AV standard, to provide users with the network energy efficiency and economic choice, the technology to optimize the throughput when using a wide variety of applications, such as smart grid / energy management, equipment automation / control, security monitoring and other delay for delay tolerant of machine to machine dialogue function. In addition, the technology is simplified and reduced energy consumption.

5, Homeplug AV2, its transmission rate is to further enhance to 1000Mbps, from a two wire transmission progress to three transmission line (MIMO), and improve the effective transmission frequency (30~86MHz), optimization algorithm to reduce interference, and is compatible with the Homeplug Green PHY and Homeplug AV. HomePlug AV2 can support 4K ultra HD video now.

homeplug mimo

What are the advantages of the power line network compared to the wired and common WIFI network?

No wiring, power line network using existing power wire network, without destroy the wall or the holes to laying cable, it avoids the damage to buildings and shared facilities, and at the same time, save manpower and cost.

Stable transmission, power line network using solid wire as the carrier of data transmission, is not affected by the obstacles, the data transmission is stable, not dropped, continuous network, can better meet the high demand of network delay in IPTV, online video, online games, and other multimedia applications.

Superior rate, at present the transmission rate of the power line network can already reach 500Mbps, even 1000Mbps. Compared to traditional wired network and the mainstream of WiFi  wireless network, the more obvious advantages. In addition, its transmission range is also excellent, the mainstream products in the same meter range transmission distance of up to 300 meters, can meet the needs of various types of home and small business users.

Effective energy saving, when the device is in standby, it will enter to sleep mode, can reduce the energy consumption of 85%.

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But the power line transmission is not perfect, the general effective transmission bandwidth is 40% of the theoretical bandwidth, and there are some problems as follow:

1, Filter products. Whether it is an electric meter, or a filter outlet, HomePlug are not normally used.

2, Power adapter. No matter what kind of electrical power adapter, in its use process will have an impact on the performance of HomePlug products, it is not recommended to share the socket with HomePlug and power adapter.

3, Charger. Electromagnetic wave generated by the charger will seriously affect the actual performance of HomePlug, so users should pay attention to away from its use.

4, inferior wire or strip.

For the HomePlug adaptor can be independent of setting up a home network, also be as WiFi signal relay and wall treasure, together build perfect family network coverage.

Gigabit to any room

Summary: the power line adapter performance is very good, its performance is between the wired network and wireless network, but its flexibility is far better than the wired network, and is also more excellent of stability of the wireless network. You will get a very good third kind of network experience, enjoy the new life.

Currently mainstream WIFI router manufacturers, such as TP-LINK, ZyXEL, Netgear, etc. there are AV2 HomePlug products, here recommend the following products, good reputation, stable performance, wide use, cheap price, it is worth buying.

1.TP-LINK AV500 Powerline AC750 Wi-Fi Starter Extender Kit

TP-LINK AV500 Powerline AC750 Wi-Fi Starter Extender Kit (TL-WPA4530 KIT)1


I’ve used Powerline adapters in the past with great success. This TP-LINK version takes the concept a bit further by adding a WiFi extender to the mix.

This is a nice powerline network kit that should help boost the network range for most people.

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2.TP-LINK TL-PA4010KIT AV500 Nano Powerline Adapter Starter Kit, up to 500Mbps

TP-LINK TL-PA4010KIT AV500 Nano Powerline Adapter Starter Kit, up to 500Mbps 1

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3.ZyXEL PLA5456KIT 1800 Mbps* AV2000 HomePlug AV2 Powerline 2-Port Gigabit Pass-Thru Ethernet Adapter 2-Pack Kit

ZyXEL PLA5456KIT 1800 Mbps AV2000 HomePlug AV2 Powerline

Someone said it is the best HomePlug product:

One of the best powerline adapters I’ve used. Don’t be fooled by the higher price, the quality and MIMO support truly makes up for the difference.

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