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Google released five hardware products one night, which is the way she sees AI, VR

(Last Updated On: 2016年10月9日)

Abstract: Google has used a conference 2016 to show the world their eyes to the mobile phones, VR, AI and other cutting-edge technology ideas.


The same is the annual hardware release event, compared with apple a new generation of the iPhone when the scene a few days ago, Google hardware conference appears a lot of low-key, not big enough for extravagance, less overview of performance and sales, released a series of products in the current open more geeks attribute.

The slogan of this conference is “Made by Google”, the attitude of Google manufacturing is very obvious, and even built a special twitter account in this name. Never foundry mark of the Pixel mobile phone, Daydream View VR glasses to the upgraded version of the Google Home, Such Home Furnishing intelligent products. Google show the world the idea of their hearts for mobile phone, VR, AI and other cutting-edge technology throutgh a press conference.

“Son” is no exist, Pixel alternative.


Before holding this conference, rumors already in the circle of science and technology transfer raise a Babel of criticism of the fact that Google abandoned the original Android mobile phone brand Nexus. Google has just released a Pixel mobile phone instead of the original location of Nexus.

After a long period of time, the Nexus mobile phone is synonymous with effective, because Google authorized the production, each generation of Nexus mobile phone can experience the native latest Android system for the first time, may be some users have no sense that used to use the MIUI and Flyme system, but this advantage is to attract a lot of “primary party”.

Pixel series of mobile phones cancel the logo on behalf of the plant, only left behind a “G”, representing Google. Way back when, Nexus mobile phone has been LG, Moto and other OEM manufacturers, the back will also have the corresponding brand logo. Now Google foundries chose not to compromise, more emphasis on its own brand.


The configuration of Pixel continuation of the Nexus style, the flagship configuration basically on the current mainstream, 5 inches of Pixel which is 1080P screen, and 5.5 inches of Pixel XL resolution of 2K screen, other parameters of two mobile phone remained the same, including:

  1. Qualcomm 821 quad core processor, the highest frequency 2.15GHz
  2. 4GB RAM, 32 or 128GB ROM, also supports memory card
  3. Front 8 million pixels, rear 12 million pixels with optical anti shake f/2.0 lens
  4. Type-C USB interface, 3.5mm headset interface, post fingerprint identification
  5. 2770 or 3450 mAh battery, charging 15 minutes battery life 7 hours


Pixel launched a total of three kinds of color, Quite Black, Really Blue and Very Silver color, it’s quite dark, really very blue and silver, in addition to a strong recognition, the naming rules of global mobile phone ring is not who…

“Daydream” signs: Daydream View


This spring I/O conference, Google introduced the concept of Daydream which is committed to in the field of VR to create a similar open ecosystem like as Android mobile phone. Now the conference of the project has made new progress, the first VR glasses Daydream View officially come out.

Daydream View the fuselage design pattern, the mobile phone can put in the VR glasses and watch the  video. It is previously mentioned Pixel series of mobile phones due to the Google’s native Android 7.1 system, became the first smart phone to support the Google DayDream project .


In terms of content, Google chose to partner with HBO, can play all the online VR resource of HBO, and Google Street will also support Daydream View, such a product price is only $79.


Earlier, Google make some people first to feel what is VR by cheap or even some shabby cardboard equipment. Now it is the basis of a large number of users, Google began to seriously, which will be great reference value of the current “three big show” vendors and numerous VR entrepreneurs.

Three Smart Google Home Device, all AI attachment

Google simply do the biggest difference with other hardware technology companies is that it is the logic that hardware and software integration, hardware products through intelligent software will eventually show intelligent services to users, so Google spent a lot of time to introduce Google Assistant,  which around the three smart products and Home Furnishing.


These three products were Google Home, intelligent speaker intelligent router Google WiFi and streaming media receiver Chromecast Ultra, although the products of different forms, but they are standard have new Google Assistant voice assistant.


Google Home


Google WiFi


Chromecast Ultra

Google Voice Assistant is mainly used for image recognition, Machine Translation and text voice conversion, it can listen to natural language instructions, and perform a variety of tasks via other connected devices or services.

Google voice assistant has been deeply integrated into the Allo Google and Duo applications, the new appearance of the Pixel smart phone will also be the depth of integration of Google assistant.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said, “From the previous 18 years, Google established in solving this problem, there are now more than 70 billion messages, Natural Language Processing ability can help users and Google on the true meaning of the dialogue”.

Google will make Google Assistant open to various hardware partners, let more manufacturers participate and promote the development of ecological AI, which several hardware product from Google is more like this.




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