sex electric hip 12
(Last Updated On: 2017年2月14日)

Human beings have several basic needs:
Eat, sleep, and lovemaking.
But I see you have so many singles,
In addition to the new era of people’s quality of life improved,
But physical deterioration,
So in addition to the first demand to be met,
The two or three item is hard to reach.
You know the scientist is always concerned about the people’s livelihood,
Eager to help people solve all kinds of problems,
Today is to introduce an absolute best products,
To save your dying passion hormones.

sex electric hip 12

Intelligent Electric Buttock

It is said that a man grows with age,
The beauty of a woman is transferred from the upper to the lower.
A man who is mature enough to think that women are the most sexy parts of the hip,
They appreciate the woman’s hip curve,
A perfect hip can quickly arouse the desire of man,
Go up the road to twist the hips to highlight the unique charming woman.

sex electric hip 1

And cute

sex electric hip 4

So lonely friends,
Your blessing is coming

sex electric hip 11

One of the world’s top five manufacturers of fun products Topco Sales
Fashion fun brand “69” released a smart hip,
They help Indoorsman to improve “sex” life.

sex electric hip 6

Unexpected fun products are intelligent,
The service of science and technology to human really meticulous.
Look at how to “play” this intelligent product.

sex electric hip 5

“69” smart hip using the world’s top virtual skin bionic material CyberSkin,
Synthesis of a number of American hip dancers imitation,
This material has the advantage of being able to maximize the original touch,
Let us in the hand and the appearance of the infinite approximation of the real human body brought about by sensory stimulation.

sex electric hip 14

This smart electric hip built-in heating function,
Automatic heating up to 37 ℃.
At the same time, the research team found an interesting combination of electric hip dance and fun,
So after data collection of more than 100 electric hip dance girl in the United States,
Add it to the hip sync function,
At the same time a large number of built-in video,
Can follow the rhythm of the music.

sex electric hip 2

sex electric hip 7

If a girl is interested,
Can buy electric hip to dance,
Show to the people who need it.

sex electric hip 8

Combined with the matching APP,
You can adjust the hip mode,
It has four functions: clip, suction, shock and fibrillation.
The picture is too fresh…

sex electric hip 13

If you want more exciting, you can use VR glasses,
69 smart hip 3D VR glasses this is the first in USA.
A product that combines virtual reality with emotion,
Upload your favorite movies to experience the phenomenon of three-dimensional interactive.
Now you can do a private shame work at home alone…

sex electric hip 10

There are a variety of styles you choose,
Not less buttock!

sex electric hip 9

Love him, give him a hip
Pa Pa Pa…

sex electric hip 3