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In view of the current era, the most stylish manual razor is straight razor. Of course, this is to go to the barber shop. Straight razor decline quit the stage of history, popular reason of the original novel “Sweeney Todd”, watching people’s novel are fear to the barber shop, no longer dare to put his neck turn to others with a knife to delimit come. In the recent ten years with the high popularity of nostalgic wind blowing and Johnny Depp, gradually began to shaving with a straight razor at home. How to choose razor? Which one is the best razor blade?

electric shaver vs razor blade

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Safety razor also known as shaver, the ancestor of all safety razor is Gillette, the old profiteers spotted people dare not to the barber shop, began the business model to let you continue to buy cheap iron. Although it’s called a safety razor but novice has scratch risk. Before the new blade 5 times better than the last, and then gradually decreased sharpness, basically cannot use more than 25 times.

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2, 3, 4, 5, 6 layers of the blade is referred to as a multi-layer razor, what you have seen. Change the blade, or change the knife, easy to use, convenient, but only this, and the fun of shaving ah man’s romantic ah, lost and exhausted. Multilayer razor has a problem is that they cannot deal with too long beard, my experience is if the beard were more than 5 mm, the multi blade is painful, should use scissors and clipped, or use the electric shaver repair temples fader ahead.

Manual razor theory is “razor”, the most clean, and the use of electric razor is “scissors”, there will be residual residue in the face, how long to stay depends on how thick the net. If you haven’t a long and hard beard, the defect of the electric razor is not obvious. And the “convenience” of the electric shaver is in line with the needs of a busy and lazy city man. If you do have little time to eat breakfast every morning, and how can you use a manual razor to shave it slowly?

But the manual razor has some incomparable advantages.

First of all, an electric shaver carved out of the effect is not as good as good manual

Look at the picture under the microscope can feel it. Of course, the more neatly that is a manual razor shaving. This is the micro. From a macro point, of course, is a manual razor more thoroughly, cleaner, that each shave beard man is beyond doubt in fact, simple touched to know.

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Second, electric shaver, low Cleanliness

Early in the morning get up, your face may have oil, then use your electric razor shaved the face oil with a beard to enter into the interior of the razor, then is waiting for the breeding of germs and the bar. Of course an electric shaver can also clean, such as Philips rotary shaver series Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8950/90, but the cleaning frequency would not be so high. So many times I feel some allergies with an electric shaver shaving, especially the kind of long time use of electric shaver.

And manual razor, need washing the face after shaving, originally, it is not so easy to breed bacteria and blade are often exposed, easily dried, washed easily, so at this point clean than electric.


Third, electric shaver blade replacement cost is higher

I believe that very few people will often change the cutter head of the shaver, even many men do not know the original electric razor can also replace the knife head, electric razor blade at least a few dozen to more than a hundred, without replacing the knife is a direct consequence of the first blade becomes blunt, injured face. The traditional Gillette razor head, online to buy a few dollars

Fourth, of course, it’s a question of feeling.

With a vibrating rod like electric shaver where grinding and in front of the mirror bare upper body muscles painted beard soaking with manual scraping, which looks more handsome? So why a man on TV shaving set is generally used manual blade shaving…

Why the multi-layer blade much better than a single blade?

Through the observation of the behavior of the process of shaving, the movement of the beard can be seen, the beard is engaged with the blade, not immediately cut off. The engaged beard will be partially pulled out of the skin, and will not immediately shrink back to the skin. The beard fully retracted by the first and the second blade can be further cut forming a so-called “lag cutting effect”, with multiple blade razor can provide multiple lag cutting of opportunity, making beard shaved except for more thorough.

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The more the number of blades will certainly better?

Increasing the number of blades increases the possibility of skin damage. Cooked eggs like smooth skin exist only in fantasy literature, advertising. In fact, human facial skin is uneven structure. A very sharp blade, which is closely attached to the rough surface, is bound to cause the skin to be cut and removed. This is why the appearance of the skin will become more smooth and shiny after each shave. But from the other point of view, this time the skin surface has a slight degree of damage. With the increase in the number of blades, the number of the skin surface after the action of a single shave is increased, thereby increasing the degree of damage to the skin. In addition, because the previous blade will pull out the beard, so that the skin around the uplift of the beard, but also increase the possibility of cutting a part of the post of the blade, thereby further increasing the extent of skin damage. Once the skin surface damage, loss of protective barrier, it provides the bacteria chance to grow. The number of bacteria on the razor is 1000 times than the money, which is why many people use a multi blade razor prone to damage, redness, acne and other symptoms of shaving. More seriously, if the bacteria penetrate into the honeycomb like subcutaneous fat layer, can cause cellulitis.

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Special remind is, some brands focus their new products in “advanced” (one of the most important characteristics is more blade layer), regardless of the advertising, promotion, display position in “temptation” consumers buy new razor. While the direct reason is interest. The number of layers and the price of the blade is proportional to be. Does not rule out the possibility of improvement of the materials and surface coatings of the blade itself will prolong the service life of the blade. But generally the recommended time is still 1 to 2 months, which means that on average the cost of a substantial increase, but also for manufacturers to bring more much interest. 3 to 5 layer is the best.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900-1

Delicate skin, a small amount of beard growth and slow men try to avoid using too many razor blades, electric razors should be suggested, such as the best rotary shaver Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8950/90. And thick skin, bushy beard, the fast growth speed of men the razor blade can reduce the frequency of shaving, but at the same time to do a good job in nursing. Most of the people are only perceptual knowledge on their skin and beard growth rate, the simple method to judge is if there is some skin problems without a clue in the shaving, may wish to use another razor way.

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For the best razor blade, I suggest Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual Men’s Razor Blade Refills, which is the best one in, and it is quite good from the buyer. You can try.

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