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For those who want to enjoy hearing, it’s the best choice to have a transparent, clear-cut and real hifi speaker. However, due to the size of the venue and the limited funds, the exaggerated floor speakers may not be affordable for everyone. As a result, more affordable, more convenient and smaller desktop level Bluetooth speakers are more and more popular. What we are going to talk about today is a Bluetooth speaker with exquisite appearance and excellent audio performance — Divoom Mocha Bluetooth speaker, the most feminine small speaker.

Divoom Mocha

Divoom company is an international brand of multimedia audio products, mainly engaged in multimedia audio products. Now it is gradually developing towards intelligent hardware. It is an enterprise integrating design, research and production. Divoom’s sales volume in the world is very good, and even higher than JBL in some regions / countries.

Housing Design

I was very surprised when I first received Divoom Mocha, , because I had never seen a Bluetooth speaker’s outer packing box so exquisite about the big red shell design. With the gold clasp and rivet embellishment, the whole outer packing box looks full of texture. This reminds me of the “ammunition box” of a famous keyboard manufacturer, but it is more suitable for a straight man like me, while Mocha is more like a makeup box for girls.

Open the outer packing box, the Mocha mainframe, the black small box contains a type-C data line, a 3.5mm aux audio line, and a leather strap. In addition, there are some personalized stickers and instructions in multiple languages on the upper cover of the inner box. Here, I would like to Mocha’s use of type-C interface. Although this configuration is common on mobile phones, micro USB interface is more used for Bluetooth speakers. In comparison, the type-C interface has a wider range of application scenarios and smaller internal space occupation, which may be the reason why Mocha can plug into the full frequency loudspeaker and 10000mAh battery.

Finally, it’s the hero’s turn! Mocha Bluetooth speaker adopts the classic acoustic speaker model, with the operation area on the top and the speakers on both sides. CNC forging metal shell is adopted. The main color of the shell is big red, and the two opposite sides below are large area of black chrome plating. After metal floating-point paint baking process, it looks very textured as a whole.

All the function buttons of Mocha are designed at the top of the speaker, from left to right are Power ON / OFF key, Volume Decrease key, Volume Increase key, Bluetooth key, Play / Pause key (Call Answer / Reject). In addition, I believe you can see through the pictures that Mocha’s function keys can be described as exquisite. Each key is carved by CNC, and the light golden frosted texture is very pleasing. However, these key presses are soft, and the key process of the former 2/3 is not feedback. Although the key process is very short, it is easy to make complaints about “no response”.

There are four small lights on the right side of Mocha fuselage to display the remaining power. According to the total power of 10000mAh, one small light is 2500mAh. There is a silica gel module going down, which can prevent dust and water to a certain extent. After opening, you can see a type-C interface and a 3.5mm interface.

Acoustic Qaulity

First, the hardware configuration of Mocha is introduced. It has two 55mm full range loudspeakers built in, which can release more powerfully in the middle and low frequency. Two passive double membrane resonances, which can produce fuller and more realistic full frequency music through two passive sound generating units. Two silk membrane tweeters, supplemented by the magnetic circuit system made of neodymium magnet, can have better high frequency analytical force and control Power.

Actually, first of all, I’d like to play “Unparalleled Beauty”. The most important feature of the famous Soda Green is to use the singing skill like a hollow Valley and orchid to draw a picture that reaches people’s hearts directly through voice. Mocha has well completed the interpretation of this kind of life, which gives people a strong sense of impact as a whole, and the voice is warm and strong, with high permeability, making people linger.

Then there is “Four Seasons – Winter”. Vivaldi’s Violin Concerto has always been favored by violinists and audiences for its beautiful melody, fresh meaning, strong image and high difficulty. When assigned to mocha for performance, you can feel that the violin of the background music is clear and audible, with thick lines but relatively smooth. The sound of the piano can bring a fresh and melodious feeling.

Finally, a Michael Jackson classic fast song, “Billie Jean” is a very moving song, giving people a feeling of trying to vent their inner feelings. When Michael Jackson’s peerless voice sounded, it was ethereal and energetic, clean and neat, and it didn’t drag water at all, which is my evaluation of mocha’s performance of the song.



  • The appearance design is unique and highly discriminative;
  • Strong endurance, 10000mAh battery power can play for 21 hours continuously;
  • The sound quality is outstanding. Two 55mm full range speakers are indeed worthy of reputation.


  • Soft touch when pressing function key

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