Carry More Convenient, Try this Paper Bike Helmet which Won Dyson Champion Award 2016

(Last Updated On: 2016年11月28日)

Abstract: The folding paper helmet EcoHelmet won this year’s Dyson champion. The helmet bike riders aiming to reduce the risk of head injury, the price is only $5.


This year the Dyson Award (James Dyson Award) was awarded to the American designer Isis Shiffer. She invented a paper folding helmet EcoHelmet, aimed at reducing the risk of cyclists head injuries. Products manufactured using recycled materials, priced at only $5. This proves that innovation does not have to be expensive.

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EcoHelmet is made of recyclable materials, the use of paper coated paper coated with waterproof layer, can be used in the rain for 3 hours. Although it is made of paper, but the security is very high: a special honeycomb structure which can withstand the impact from all directions, to protect the user’s head.


In a crash test, the paper helmet was able to withstand the impact of 10 pounds of heavy objects from the height of three feet, and the equivalent of a common polystyrene helmet.

Wearing a bicycle helmet can not avoid an accident, but it can reduce the risk of fatal head injuries in the accident, as many years of statistical figures show the same. British Ministry of transport publicly available data show that in 2015 there were more than 3,200 serious accidents in the uk. According to the University of New South Wales, Australia, the study of 64,000 bicycle accidents, wearing a bicycle helmet will be severely reduced the probability of head trauma 70%.


Shiffer noted that a lot of bike sharing project, the rent did not support the helmet. She was tired of her own helmet every day, after knowing that she was not the only person with this idea, she decided to think of a way to make it easier and safer to ride.

Shiffer spent one and a half  years of the time to improve the design, when she was a student at the New York Platt Design Institute (Institute of Design Pratt). During the British exchange study, she conducted a prototype product test at the Imperial Technology University.


In an interview with the media, she said, “the Imperial University is in line with the European standard helmet collision device, so I can collect enough data, let me believe that the unique design of the ecological helmet is feasible, it is worth to be developed.”

As the winner of the James Dyson prize winner, Shiffer also won 30,000 pounds for the further improvement of the helmet. According to the United States federal safety standards, a bicycle helmet should be able to withstand the impact of falling objects from the height of 6.5 feet. Products need to be further tested in order to sell in the United states.


She has now been working with a brand, retail and marketing team in Los Angeles, to achieve the goal of EcoHelmet to the market and continue to work hard.

If everything goes according to plan, EcoHelmet is likely to benefit the public. Shiffer hopes to launch the helmet in the spring of next year in New York, which will be sold through vending machines at the bicycle rental station. But it should be noted that the use of this type of helmet is limited, its effect will change over time, the user must be regularly replaced. Fortunately, the replacement cost is very low.

The biggest challenge currently facing of Shiffer  is how to convince people to believe that paper can protect the head.

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