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[Abstract] BRITA company invented the world’s first portable home filter kettle in 1966, is currently the world’s first filter industry brands, more than 50 million families’ choice. Then what is the principle of the water filter, Faucet System and Pitcher are really effective, how the effect? Here is the best Reviews of the best water pitcher, hope helpful for you to create healthy Life.

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Brita’s history began in 1966, while the industrial revolution started in Germany, the Rhine pollution is serious to affect the lives of the residents. Enterprise founder Heinz Hankammer generated an idea: can use a convenient and simple way to filter the water, to ensure the people’s health? Through unremitting efforts, successful discovery of active carbon adsorption principle besides the basic mesh filter, thereby creating a Brita filter system. Heinz Hankammer named his daughter’s name as the brand – BRITA, successful development of innovative leader in the field of drinking water filter systems.

Although tap water is safe to drink, it may still contain a number of substances that affect the taste and appearance of the water:

Chlorine: many water factories are used as a safe disinfectant, it will affect the taste of the water, and produce odor.

Sediment: including inorganic substances or natural plants. Sediment can be accumulated in the residential pipeline, it will affect the taste of water, and produce odor.

Water hardness: hard water contains insoluble minerals such as calcium, magnesium, etc. These two elements will be in the kettle and water heater while accumulate lime scale, affect the taste and odor, but also in tea or coffee making to have the ugly bubble scum. In order to further improve the filtered water quality, we suggest that the water should be boil after filter.

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BRITA can provide you and your family with pure, clear, fresh taste of drinking water:

  • Make cold drinks, coffee and tea good taste more outstanding
  • to improve the color and structure of food.
  • to prevent the formation of lime scale inside the household appliances
  • it is much more affordable than bottled water.
  • for the family pet who do not like the smell of chlorine in tap water
  • Can make the bottled flowers lasting bloom, so that the growth of indoor potted plants

First of all, we take a look at Brita’s official statement:

Faucet Water Filter System can remove 99% of the Lead, reduce the sediment and bleaching powder (Chlorine) taste, while removing a lot of impact on the health of carcinogens (such as TTHMs, benzene, TCE, TOXAPHENE, etc.). It is built in two stage filter cores, not only to reduce the chemical harmful substances, but also a layer of filter to remove large particles of sediment. The filter element intelligent indicator will become red to remind you to change the filter.

Our pitcher filters use coconut-based activated carbon with ion exchange resin in a BPA-free housing to reduce chlorine taste and odor, zinc, even contaminan’ts like copper, mercury and cadmium.

Active Carbon reduces chlorine [taste & odor] and zinc

Ion-Exchange Resin captures mercury, copper & cadmium in your water

Filter performance on the official site:

Faucet System Pitcher Bottle Dispenser
Chlorine (Taste & Odor) Y Y Y Y
Copper Y Y
Zinc Y Y
Cadmium Y Y
Mercury Y Y
Lead Y
Asbestos Y
Turbidity Y
Benzene Y
Cryptosporidium / Giardia Y
Atrazine Y
Lindane Y
Trichloroethylene (TCE) Y

Refer the above table, you will first understand that Bottle is nothing, just change some tastes, especially chlorine, but bacteria and most of the heavy metals were not filtered.

Filter Faucet Detail 1

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Pitchers and Faucet Systems is not a replacement, but need to supplement together. Can drink the filtered water directly? Best not to, because most of the bacteria exists. It is safer to drink after boiled.

From the official statement, the best way is: Faucet System + Pitcher + boil.

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Because of the different material of Faucet System and Pitcher, but the filter principle is similar, see note below:

The filtering process itself is divided into 4 steps:

Step 1: pre filter

The water through a fine mesh filter to block large particles.

Step 2: ion exchange filter

Ion exchange resins will reduce the lime scale (carbonate hardness) and Al content and the contents of some heavy metals (such as Lead and Copper).

Step 3: activated carbon filter

Activated carbon adsorption will affect the taste and aroma substances, such as Chlorine, organic impurities and some pesticides.

Step 4: the last enhanced filtration

At the bottom of the filter will keep out of impurities including granular activated carbon itself.

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The filter is consumable general every 8 weeks to replace.

While using the filter, water sometimes occur some small black particle. It is activated carbon filters, coconut shell production, does not affect the health.

Brita is just this? More above.

Brita filter products entirely through the EC 1935 / 2004. In addition, products also reached the other most stringent standards, such as UK centre for water research WRC, the United States National Sanitation Foundation and the Swiss gas and Water Industry Association SVGW standard. BRITA products comply with international standards DIN EN ISO 9001, 18001 OHSAS and ISO 14001.

Explanatory views on Regulation (EU) No. 10 / 2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, the content of heavy metals in Brita plastic lower than the standard 10% or more, including Lead, Cadmium, Barium, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Lithium, Magnesium, Zinc, etc., high carcinogenic plastic material of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were not detected. So Brita filter products, not only has strong filtering capability, but also the material itself is completely in line with the requirements of plastic food packaging. The above information is based on the detection results of the third party organizations. Also the same mechanism verifies that Brita filter system cannot eliminate the bacteria, such as Total Coliforms, Thermotolerant Coliforms, and Escherichia Coli. From the water quality filter validation test, although the water softening, but the total number of bacteria did not change. So for the sake of insurance, boil after filter before drink.

PAHs test 1

In addition, the use of Brita filter is also very convenient, compared to a common Philips filter:

Appearance: the Brita natural humanization design superior, too many corners of PHILPS handle, feel not good. But PHILPS has the maximum water level logo, Brita no has.

Brita and Philips 1

Sealing: PHILPS seals the lid is not good, the water in the hopper can be easily poured, and Brita’s seal is very good.

Brita and Philips 4

Material: PHILPS’s filter, shell, funnel, pot cover are not marked material, batch number, production date and other information, but Brita has.

Summary: Faucet Systems and Pitchers Brita good material, easy to use, good filtering performance, all German production, is a reliable choice for household safety and health water. Related products can be purchased at, and now the price is quite cheap.

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