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Best VR Headset Idealens M8K, First 180° FOV VR Headset In the World

(Last Updated On: 2017年7月9日)

A mysterious AR/VR Idealsee, from China, has branches in Japan and the United States is committed to the formation of the whole industry chain products in the field of virtual reality, including the development of the leading global augmented reality, image recognition and deep learning of core technology,  production the AR smart glasses, the world’s first production the All in One VR Headset,  the high-quality 360° VR camera developed for commercial augmented reality applications, developed a visual image recognition system for K12 education industry, and cultivating the VR education industry etc…We don’t know all of the exact product situation, but Idealens K2 is the best all in one VR Headset until now. Idealens K2 support 120° FOV, and high performance visual technology. Now , the lated product will be luanched soon, which be called Idealens M8K, the first 180° FOV VR Headset in the world.

idealens K2 7
idealens K2

The key features of Idealens K2:

  • 32G
  • 3G
Screen Size/Pixel Resolution: 2*1080*1200
FOV:K2 Pro 120°
Display Refresh Rate: 60Hz \ 90Hz
Screen Type: OLED
Gyroscope-Sensor, Gravity-Sensor, Magnetic-Field-Sensor, Proximity-and-Light-Sensor,Temperature-Sensor
  • Inspired by Fibonacci gold spiral, battery designed on the back, can be put on within 3 seconds, multipoint support structure, adjustable and flexible.
  • Main body weighs 295g, light and easy, excellent design, powerful performance and delicate look.
  • World’s first battery-on-the-back design, weight balanced, easy to put on, 2 hours without feeling uncomfortable.
  • High Definition Horizon, Brilliant, Not dizziness

Up to 90Hz high refresh rate, Asynchronous Timewarp, Low Latency at 17ms, All help to reduce user’s dizziness in effective ways, the picture is clear and more natural.

It is the best All in one VR headset design in the world until now.

Idealens M8K

VR performance monster, with 8K ultra high resolution and 180° super FOV, powerful beyond your imagination.

idenlens M8K 1
idenlens M8K

Independent research and development of optical components and hundreds of patents, to ensure the performance of the monster can bring you extraordinary experience VR.

Coming soon, please look forward to it.

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