Best Smart Sport Watch, Fitbit Blaze Review, wear comfortable, feature-rich but slightly awkward positioning

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[Abstract] In this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in, Fitbit launched its first smart watch Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, it is mainly three selling points :  performance, activity monitoring and everyday wear for. I think it is wear comfortable, feature-rich but slightly awkward positioning, create your health technical sports life. Here is the best reviews of this best smart sport watch.

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Fitbit Blaze seems hard to categorize, its configuration like watches with stainless steel case, leather, rubber or metal strap, its first touch screen also uses a color touch screen. However, it seems that few watch manufacturers will adopt octagonal dial design of the dial, dial this number will Blaze design some nondescript. In fact, Blaze uses not integrated design approach, which uses a pop-tracker, which can be embedded in the existing framework of the dial, of course, if compatible.

Blaze’s strengths is motion tracking, it supports pedometer, sleep, heat consumption monitoring, as well as 15 different types of motion modes, including walking, running, soccer, basketball, tennis. Since last year’s acquisition of sports Fitbit application guide company FitStar, so Blaze will have a better guide sports and fitness application, data can be shared between iOS, Android, Windows devices. Unfortunately, Blaze and no built-in GPS support, which means that it can not sports enthusiasts.


comfortable shape design; large readable display; nice accessories; up to four days of battery life; works on both iPhone and Android phones.


Size pop-wide strap design is not very good; charger slightly embarrassing; it can not be wearing a bath; built Fitstar fitness applications is not very rich.


Fitbit Blaze is Fitbit’s first real smartwatch, it has many advantages, including comfort, functionality and price. However, Fitbit Blaze pop-body design is not for everyone.

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My wife said to me: ” I want a shape of the watch is fitness tracker, you can find one for me?” I know that many of these markets have a current product selection, but I do not know whether it can meet Withings Activite Pop ordinary smart watch her needs, for example, with basic fitness functions, such as feature-rich but poor battery life of Apple watch. In addition, the market there are some athletes, fitness watches.

Then there is the Fitbit.

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Fitbit Blaze is the first major attempt in the smart watch market, it is between fitness tracker and smart watch, both the two characteristics. Before, Garmin has launched the similar products, but Fitbit Blaze running the Fitbit software. Fitbit Blaze has all kinds of wristbands and select accessories that will make it look better, but the price will be higher.

I wear a Fitbit Blaze and used for nearly a week’s time, it would be the ideal combination of smart watches and fitness trackers do? Now, let us look at:

Shape design

Perhaps, Fitbit Blaze is designed to make it look attractive based on its octagonal dial, but the design of the dial the number will make people feel somewhat nondescript. In short, Fitbit Blaze design would create quirky retro feel, like from the 1980s of the product, and some even called the Fitbit Blaze “DeLorean wrist.”

Fitbit Blaze uses octagonal screen design, sharp edges and a wider screen is not for everyone. For me personally, I do not like this strange design, but also suggested that Fitbit Blaze design looks great.

But when I actually wear a Fitbit Blaze, it brought me incredible comfort, the body is also very thin, which makes me think its design is not very bad. After a while on probation, Fitbit Blaze would bring me feel like the Basis Peak, Basis Peak goal is to become a fully automated fitness watch, it has a week-long battery life and “always was” (always-on ) screen, really easy to use. Fitbit Blaze also brings the same sense of convenience, but it is not equipped with the “often significant” (always-on) screen, it uses LED color display, a few seconds after the start goes out. However, Fitbit Blaze lights up the screen in the wrist or raise user clicks the time.

 Rich Features

With the current popular users of all ages fitness trackers products Fitbit charge HR as, Fitbit blaze to automatic tracking the number of steps, climb stairs, heart rate and sleep. Blaze Fitbit is equipped with a large color touch screen and side button, which allows you to start and stop motion monitoring, access to data such as heart rate and speed. Blaze Fitbit has four fitness watch surface, which makes it more readable than the Charge HR Fitbit has a substantial increase. At the same time, Fitbit Blaze can also be used as a timer or stopwatch.

Blaze Fitbit has a number of small “smart” features, which can get text, calls and calendar reminders, it can be through the screen of the mini remote control to control the music player in the phone. But, that’s all. In addition, Blaze Fitbit can also be a silent alarm to provide you with wake-up call service.

In fact, Fitbit blaze of most of the features are associated with more expensive Fitbit surge similar, except the Fitbit surge is equipped with a black-and-white “often” (reach) screen, and a built-in independent GPS function. By comparison, Blaze Fitbit needs to be synchronized with the GPS in the mobile phone to track running, which means you need to take a cell phone when you are running, this is not like sports enthusiasts do not like.

Wearing comfort

Blaze Fitbit’s design style is very unique, and also can give people a comfortable sense of wear. When I was wearing Blaze Fitbit a week later, I suddenly miss the rich features of Watch Apple. At the same time, although Blaze Fitbit has four surface options, but only one for everyday use.

Body building surface

Apple watch does not have any special fitness surfaces, but but the Fitbit, and it was a great performance, it can allow users to the number of steps, heart rate and target information at a glance.

Battery life

Blaze Fitbit after a single charge can have four days of life, which means that I do not have to worry about the daily use of the situation. In most cases, I can wear Blaze Fitbit to sleep, and will not have any discomfort. Although some fitness trackers battery life performance was better than the Fitbit blaze, but Fitbit blaze to most smart watches.

Awkward charger

When I need to charge Blaze Fitbit, I have to face it with the embarrassment of the charger. The blaze and not integrated design mode, it uses is a pop-up tracker, it is through a smaller magnetic charging clip to charge, to use more embarrassing.


Blaze Fitbit built in a new application of Fitstar, through the use of Fitstar matching, Blaze function will be more powerful.

Blaze can show you the correct posture of some exercise, to ensure that your action is accurate, it can also automatically recognize your sports items, and do a good job tracking.


Positioning Fitbit blaze slightly embarrassed, light it is not as good as the charge HR smart wristband, also its shape design somewhat nondescript, can not become a fashion watches for a daily wear. At the same time, Blaze Fitbit does not support GPS and waterproof function, which makes it unable to attract professional athletes. However, Blaze Fitbit wearing comfortable, functional fairly comprehensive, and the price is moderate, it is a viable option to buy. Now you can buy it in

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I like Fitbit Blaze Band because of it’s flexibility & more new features.Fitbit Blaze is an extremely sleek, technologically advanced and versatile smart fitness watch which is trendy.Thanks for the nice blog.It’s is wonderful & it’s fitness or price also incredible.

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