Best Professional Earbud: AKG K3003i Reference Class Headphones

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[Abstract] AKG K3003i reference class headphone, the best professional earbud in consumer level, the smallest three frequency division system in the world, dual drive technology, can be detachable voice via adjust the three filters. One dynamic and two balanced armature drivers in each earphone create perfectly balanced three-way earphones that deliver a sound experience that’s like being center stage at a live concert. K3003 will never be out of date design, unparalleled sound and self-contained style. Here is one of the best reviews of this top technical product.

AKG K3003i flagship 9

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AKG world-class engineering and technical team, in the manufacture of distinctive, high-quality headphones on the technology accumulation which any other brand cannot match, the goal is to meet the different needs of the market. K3003/ K3003i (support mic with iPhone) is AKG new flagship model, designed for the rich “madness” design enthusiasts, their pursuit of high-tech products to enhance their sense of hearing feelings.

Luxurious Appearance, Never out of date Design

AKG K3003i reference class headphone has 49 designs at the beginning of R&D, make painstaking efforts. In the “all for the voice” of the starting point, K3003 using super class material to build, luxurious appearance, heritage Austrian brand precision technology, in Vienna with the highest standard manual fine assembly manufacturing.

The appearance of the k3003 can be said is concise and rich design, the ear cavity is in a block of stainless steel dug cutting, without any stitching. On the surface of the shell is made up of complex drawing and grinding process, matte metal surface texture, the overall distribution of the simple fashion art. The K3003 stainless steel chamber can provide solid and reliable protection to the earphone in the process of using, and the integral shell can effectively reduce the resonance effect of the cavity.

AKG K3003i flagship 4

The cable is made of a special knitting and silicone earphone cord, which can effectively prevent winding, and provide excellent ability to pull. On the other hand, nylon sheath itself is also a good shielding material, and many top audio wires are very focused on the shielding of the outer layer of wire.

K3003i 3.5 connectors using “rose gold” coating, signal transmission to achieve the super class level, to ensure the quality of the clear sound and details which less of the reduction. At the same time, to meet current consumer demand, K3003 specially made for iPhone version, equipped with communication headset and receive control by wire, K3003i has become one of the most high-end iPhone adaptation headphones.

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By selecting from the three included sound-tuning filters, you can adjust for three precise sound-output preferences. These adjustable, precision-machined filters allow for reference sound (factory default), bass boost or high boost, to suit your personal taste.

AKG K3003i flagship 22

In wearing, bonus K3003i multiple sets of different specifications of the ear pad, suitable for different user’s ear canal structure, make sure to wear a comfortable fit. The ingenuity of the steel flight conversion plug can use on the plane. Collocation sound insulation effect can effectively reduce the noise from the flight.

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Voice Performances beyond Imagination, Like the Body to the Concert

One dynamic and two balanced armature drivers in each earphone create perfectly balanced three-way earphones that deliver a sound experience that’s like being center stage at a live concert. Dynamic bass and dual balanced armature drivers give the AKG K3003i reference class headphone exceptional audio performance as well as a matchless mechanical design.

AKG K3003i flagship 8

Three Time Listening, Three Different Feelings

According to AKG’s official description, K3003 need at least 500 hours of burning plug in order to make the unit into the normal working state.

First feel high more supple, not very bright and splendid, the sound field than IE8 big circle is enhanced version of IE8 upgrade. And the second time, high frequency is very bright, but slightly stimulated, frequency distribution is not smooth. After hundreds of hours of use, for the third time the feeling can be called perfect, have the highest overall sound quality, great sound scale, optimal equilibrium degree, the most neutral tone and coordination and unity of style.

AKG K3003i flagship 10

Perfect Sound Quality

First is the density of the sound, AKG K3003‘s musical instrument outline is very clear and bright, the sound of the instrument form cohesion, texture is very strong, almost like the essence of.

K3003 has a very high level of sound in the expression of the instrument. When comes to the climax of the symphony, gorgeous brass that platinum like brilliant Violin and voice tone complement each other, with clear lines but not sense of burr, which can fully prove that the k3003 frequency extension exceptional transition very natural and rich overtone. When the triangle and other high frequency instruments sounded, immediately attracted the attention of the listener, become the protagonist of the game!

The second is the transparency; K3003’s sound is very transparent natural. K3003 has a great transparency in the same time, also has a good sound thickness and very rich space information, very pure and natural. This “premise” is very important, must be different with some of the so-called “thin sound, transparent,” the low end of the ear plug.

AKG K3003i flagship 17

The sound field of the k3003 is very large, than IE8. But the sense that gives is not infinite open fields (not like HD800), a great and open music hall. Perhaps only in the low frequency, IE8 is better than K3003, but K3003 is not as deliberate as IE8 stressed and prominent in the low frequency. She is more transparent to build a more complete space.

In addition, excellent dynamics make it in big establishment symphonic bursting and interpretation of piano can show a very strong explosive force, excellent transient the music rhythm changes in response, acute and rapid.

K3003 has excellent density and dynamic, while the sound of the “attack” to a relatively low level of repression. Listen to the sense of feel stimulation, there is no oppression and a sense of discomfort, like as the top equipment, which shows the AKG tuning skill.


Exquisite workmanship, the simple fashion appearance. Excellent sound quality, excellent sound balance degree, excellent music, neutral tone, strong revealing, for different types of music has excellent adaptability.



Comments from the customer

“The AKG K3003I is a pretty amazing piece of audio gear. As far as universal fit IEMs go, it’s comparable with the FitEar ToGo 334 and the Sennheiser IE800s (I own both) but slightly more revealing. Imaging and soundstage are fantastic. Works well without benefit of headphone amp (compelling sound straight from iPod/iPhone)”

“I’ve owned the AKG’s for a little over a year now…the more I use the better they sound. The bass is spot on as are the midrange and treble…..Would I buy these again? Definately.”

Summary: Well Deserved “Reference Class”

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