Best Cool Watch: Montegrappa Chaos Gold and Enamel Stallone Watch

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[Abstract] Apolarizing and unique watch, the Montegrappa Chaos watch is an horological extension of Sylvester Stallone and points to some of the reasons we love watches. Italian pen maker Montegrappa has a rather interesting recent history that involves, among other things, the creation of timepieces in addition to pens and a sale and repurchase from the Richemont Group. Here is one of the best reviews about this best cool watch.


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Before you gawk at this timepiece in awe or as if it were a train wreck, a bit of explanation of what the Montegrappa Chaos is due. This all started with the Chaos pen produced for Sylvester Stallone and then sold as a limited edition. First of all, Stallone is on the board of Montegrappa – so that should explain some of this. The story goes that Stallone wanted a special pen to use in the first Expendables movie. Apparently he sketched out the design of the Expendables skulls with wings pierced by a sword logo during a meeting. It evolved into the Chaos pen, and because Stallone is Stallone, Montegrappa produced it.


Anyhow, despite the polarizing effect of the Chaos, it became Montegrappa’s best-selling item. The Chaos clearly has a “love it or hate it” niche appeal. Which, as you can guess, is why the pen and now the watch, are all limited edition items.

Montegrappa and Stallone felt that if the Chaos pens were doing so well, why not a watch? I mean guys like Stallone who often dress like “Ed Hardy’s rich cousin” can pull this stuff off. Everyone else can joke about what the Chaos watch will look like with their suit and tie, or perhaps with beach attire. To be honest, if you are new to making watches you have a better chance of making a splash with something that a lot of people dislike and a few people love, versus some mediocre product that attempts to please everyone, and excites no one.


Let’s get back to the watch, which will be offered in four versions. There will be two sterling silver Chaos watches and two in 18k yellow gold. That means either metal case be had with or without the enamel “fire.” The watch dial itself is actually rather handsome and legible. I like the thick sword-style hands and applied brushed Roman numeral hour markers. It isn’t super fancy, but the dial itself is pretty decent. Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement…


The case itself is 43mm wide by 54mm tall. It isn’t the largest of watches I’ve worn, but it is on the larger side. The entire case is covered in engravings, and that is sort of the outer section over an inner black PVD coated case that you can see through some of the gaps. There is a prominent central skull over 12 o’clock, and the rest is covered with snakes and lizards. Of course there are the roads (of fire), and another skull on the crown. One more large skull is engraved on the steel case back of the watch. The crown screws in, and in case you were wondering, the Chaos watch is water-resistant to 100 meters. Over the dial is a sapphire crystal.

Already I am picturing how people may customize their Chaos watches. That middle skull needs precious stone eyes for sure. Probably emeralds or rubies, though onyx would be cool as well. I’d like one without a skull at the top, but perhaps a life-like engraving of Stallone himself. I’ll have to ask him about that… Attached to the case is a black alligator strap and of course, an engraved buckle with a skull on it. The closest timepiece we know to the Chaos is the skull-covered Daniel Strom Agonium which you should check out as well.

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I’m a value shopper. I was looking for a watch that both looks nice and keeps time, but I was trying to stay under $100,000. I looked for weeks and was about to give up when I spotted this on Amazon! I got it in my budget for an extra strap and a pair of those tricky pins that hold the strap in place.
Things I love about this watch:
– The look. I love a good skull. I love a nice, scaly snake. Together, on a watch, on my arm?! Yeah, baby. I had to have it.
– Design. I’ve not seen a combination of colors and design work like this since the great Elvis on Black Velvet painting era of the 1970s. You simply can’t find art work like this anywhere, unless you are willing to dig to the very bottom of the dentist office goody box.
– Celebrity endorsement. When I saw this on 67 year old Sylvester Stallone, his hair freshly darkened and makeup perfect, I thought – “That’s me.” Then, in the same photo, I realized the grinning Stallone was clutching the erect shaft of his pen (matches watch, $5,000). Given I’d saved so much purchasing the watch, I was able to toss my Bic.
– Features. Keeps time AND the date (always spot on!)
– Durability. The crown “protects against water ingress”. You know if a company uses that many words for “waterproof”, its gotta be the best.
– Origin. Made in Italy. Italy is a leader in manufacturing and technology – I buy all my computers, phones, etc from Italy.
– Materials/Value. Note its made with genuine enamel. Enamal – its not just for bathtubs anymore. This watch will hold its value – even during a global uprising of the “have-nots” against the “haves” with their “let them eat cake” grasp of reality and utter inability to see the value of all that is good and decent in the world… But I digress.
– Workmanship. PVD-coated back — the same coating found on finer snack food bags.
– Automatic. That means it will save you money in the long run. I was paying $15 every two years replacing the battery on my old watch, that’s $150 every twenty years, or $15,000 every 200 years. Over time, this watch will pay for itself!
– The ladies. Several have told me how “interesting” the watch is. One says it says a lot about me. Yesterday, one said, “You know, “classy” would be just “cly” without people like you!” Isn’t that nice?!

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