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In recent years, as more and more cities have been affected by the fog and haze, air quality has become a heart disease in many urban. Environment continues to deteriorate and the interior decoration has led to a series of air pollution problems, people’s demand for improving the indoor living environment is more and more strong. The air purifier products as a tool to improve the quality of indoor air, and gradually become the basic model equipment in people’s home life. A new brand named UCHEER from China said they have the best technology to make air clean, maybe the new air purifier generation is coming. This technology is CH-CUT.

UCheer Air Purifier T3

Technology Leader, Core Patents

As the unique patented air purification technology, CH-CUT catalytic decomposition technology is the fourth generation of organic processing technology, after the activated carbon, photocatalyst and plasma technology. The core of this technology is a new kind of catalyst made of nano materials. CH-CUT technology using nano functional catalyst, breaking the bond of organic pollutants hydrocarbon, reaction with oxygen in the air molecules generated carbon dioxide and water, toxic and harmful gases in indoor (formaldehyde, benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons and other organic matter and ozone) harmless degradation, thoroughly the room temperature, .

Compared with the previous generation technology, CH-CUT technology is more efficient and completely, and does not have the second pollution. Total volatile organic compounds TVOC removal rate was 99%, every two hours, formaldehyde removal rate is 93%, the data obtained from the Shanghai environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection authority certification. More importantly, CH-CUT catalytic filter itself is no loss, can be achieved for more than 10 years to continue to use, no need to replace the filter, truly efficient, long-term, can save a lot of money for the user to replace the core filter.

UCheer Air Purifier T3 2

Three Level Filters, Clean and Fresh

UCHEER air purifier T3 using three level filters: HEPA, CH-CUT and high quality HEPA. Its core unique filtration technology and high level of material, can bring more fresh indoor air for users.

Compared to the similar products of the filter design, the air through the first layer of the primary filter, will remove the hair, part of the particle material. It is worth mentioning that the second layer CH-CUT filter mainly removal of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases in the air, can be at room temperature for organic pollution gas efficient decomposition, UCHEER patented technology CH-CUT, to achieve a breakthrough of the catalytic decomposition of organic pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene in water and carbon dioxide, to eliminate the possibility of contamination two times, for the user to completely remove menace from the rear.

In addition, the H13 level HEPA  is used at the third layer, it is internationally recognized efficient filter. The cleaning performance is far higher than the H11 level HEPA, can remove 99.99% of 0.28 microns in diameter above the particles and dust, smoke, pollen, spores and other allergens and bacteria, and ultimately the formation of fresh and clean air in the room, allowing users to enjoy the technology brings to the quality of life, family health escort.

Not only that, T3 selected German EBM fan which used at Appollo Project, high performance, large volume, high wind pressure, with the perfect 360 degree air duct body design, purification efficiency several times of the same volume of products, and the EBM fan has characteristics of long service life, good stability.

UCheer Air Purifier T3 3

Elegant Design, Global Award

The air purifier has become an indispensable household daily life, UCHEER has not stopped at the level of purification effect, but also the pursuit of high-end technology and the ultimate design.

Simple square outline and a great sense of classic black appearance, so that T3 can be seamlessly with a variety of decoration style. The body adopts the high quality low carbon steel as raw material, with 0.1 mm error as a benchmark, using a Japanese motor after laser cutting bending by laser welding seamless 2.4 meters long, create a smooth body shape. T3 also repeated spray anti oxidation treatment, never rust, after a long time can keep still bright. With the requirements of the minimalist design and stringent process, T3 got Global Industrial Design Award -2014 Reddot, 2015 IF Design in Germany and 2015 IDEA Design Award in USA.

UCheer Air Purifier T3 4

New Air Purifier Generation is Coming

Has the world’s leading patented technology, elegant ultimate design, high-quality core parts, UCHEER T3 air purifier is to subvert the traditional attitude, to purify the effect of the most reliable and beautiful appearance for the user to bring a new experience for air purification. UCHEER T3 series homelife products, including T30, T31, T33, T3S, T35S, will bring a new air purifier era.

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