AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones, Safety while Running or Biking with Music

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Believe a lot of people who like running or biking will have a trouble, listen to music when running or biking can not feel the sound environment, risk degree rise abruptly. However the motion process of a person is always slightly boring, how to solve this dilemma? Bone conduction headset will be a very perfect solution, AfterShokz produced Trekz Titanium AS600 maybe is the best sport bone conduction headphones until now. Hope to create healthy life with Best Reviews.

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Trekz Titanium is always transparent packaging, the user can watch the real figure of the product at the first time. Compared to some of the exaggerated luxury packaging, I prefer Trekz titanium’s simple packaging design style, allowing users to feel products in the direct way, even simple rough, but very practical.

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Trekz Titanium has rich accessories, including colorful ear plugs, the adjustment silicone ring, microUSB charging line, a manual, warranty card, as well as a storage bag. Because of the open nature of the bone conduction earphone, if you need to enjoy music alone, you need to use the ear plugs.

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Have to say, excellent storage bag of Trekz titanium. The bag outside the cortex is very soft, highly textured, internal is relatively good and pouch also comes with a lanyard, carrying is very convenient, pouch design very humane and intimate.

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In terms of the key settings, there are three buttons, namely volume up / open key, volume down, and the multifunction key. In addition, an LED and a microUSB port for charging.

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As a Bluetooth headset, Trekz Titanium pairing is not complicated, in the off state, press the power button for 5 seconds until the LED starts flashing red and blue lights alternately, the headset will issue a “pairing” tone, found by other devices. “Trekz Titanium by AfterShokz “, connection. Trekz Titanium supports connect two devices.

Trekz Titanium music play solution is simple and easy to use, multifunction keys to play / pause music, if you need to switch to the next song, double-click the multifunction keys to achieve. Volume up and volume down is to adjust the volume of the two keys, and because the power button and volume up is the same button, so the actual use of the volume is difficult to mix up. In addition, in terms of compatibility, Trekz Titanium’s performance is quite good, the iOS and Android can be perfectly compatible.

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Trekz Titanium calls for support is awesome, design about double microphones. Operation, the multifunction key again play a leading role, of course, this is the most common operation of the current market, the majority of Bluetooth headset. When you receive a call, click the multifunction key to answer, while click the button to hang up. And when the second phone access, press the multifunction key 2 seconds to hang up the current call access to the second. Incoming call blocking is directly for 2 seconds push to hang up, double click on the multifunction button can call on a replay while standby.

In fact, thanks to design a pair of microphones, Trekz titanium call performance is quite perfect, measured in different places the call quality is relatively good, even in the large supermarket which is noisy, call each other almost didn’t listen to unclear circumstances, which is extremely good results for a location in sport Bluetooth headset products.

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Aspects of battery life, the official claims can be continued to play six hours with intermittent use. I used it for more than five hours about the battery life, according to each running for half an hour, at a rate of three or four times a week can roughly be sustained two weeks of life, the more satisfactory results.

Compared to the common headphones or earbuds, bone conduction headset is obviously for environmental noise control, running or biking users is very suitable for it. Circumaural earphone movement is obviously inappropriate, because it was too hot; earbuds, although more portable, but dissemination of sweat and rain will damage your earbuds; Trekz titanium is nothing more worries, thanks to IP55 level waterproof performance. Sweat even is rain will not have an impact on it. This is one of the most important factors of the outdoor sports. The headset in the sweat stained, Trekz Titanium can be directly washed with water, while the other two types of headphones simply can not do.

Believe that there are some friends will have questions: Trekz Titanium will affect the glasses? In fact, Trekz Titanium just can cross the legs of the glasses, so regardless of whether or not wearing glasses can be perfect to wear a bone conduction headphones for exercise.

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For Trekz Titanium, personally I like, whether from wear or the music player, phone or battery life, has a good performance. However, nothing can be perfect, Trekz Titanium price maybe a not-so-perfect place, but this is a problem required between products and prices to find a more appropriate balance. Anyway, for those who like sports, Trekz Titanium such a bone conduction Bluetooth headset can really try, maybe you’ll slowly fall in love with it ……

Some comments from the other buyers:

Great headphones for the gym and archery range. I can hear people and still listen to my favourite music. They absolutely won’t come off my head no matter what I do.”

Very nice product, especially for biking. Good sound quality and the microphone works pretty well for calls. Keeps a charge a long time and recharges quickly. Also, very comfortable to wear, even with glasses. Took one star off because it could be a bit louder. In a noisier environment, it’s hard to get the volume to a comfortable level to overcome the ambient noise (since your ears are wide open). Notwithstanding, definitely recommend and would purchase again.

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